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Djo: Deep in my heart, I still long for honor and create the history of tennis movement

德约:内心深处仍渴望荣誉 就是要创造网球运动历史

Dejo: Deep in your heart still eager for honor is to create a history of tennis

ATP year-end finals men’s singles final, 35-year-old Djokovic locks the championship with two straight sets at 7-5/6-3, winning four consecutive Norwegian Gorus, the sixth time to win the final championship trophy, Fandry the record that Federer maintained and set a record of $ 4.7403 million a single bonus. When Djokovic won the championship, he reiterated that he was still eager to win the trophy in his heart!

Djokovic said: “I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I know that I am still eager to win the trophy in my heart. The history of creating the sport of tennis is competing in the world’s highest level, bringing sports fans and tennis fans. The beautiful feeling is my motivation. I have many different incentive factors, and there is no shortage of motivation at present. Of course, we all have a few days or bad weeks, but overall, my motivation and feeling still exist in existence “,”

In the face of Rude, Djokovic did not send a break point, and it took only 1 hour and 33 minutes to win the game. “I missed a few positive hands in the last serve. At that time, I was nervous, but I was really happy to end the game with a goodbye. It has been 7 years since winning this championship last time. For a period of time, it is precisely because of the cup again after 7 years, making this victory more sweet and greater. “

“For my team, the ATP tour has passed for another year. Thank you for helping me and everyone who promoted me every day. Without you, I can’t do it. There are many wonderful moments this year. I don’t lack any motivation, and there are many different incentive factors to push me, I am looking forward to next season! “(Amber)

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  1. Some people have no qualifications for runner -up. If you have nothing to do, you can eat some slippery plums

  2. 2018 Fei Niu Fan said the same, and I do n’t know who is the humility that dare not accept the facts. It is still very powerful

  3. When Fei Niu led the fans in 2018, it was also said that the last hair of Natto was removed. Natto really became a medicine bean residue

  4. Can you be humble? Tingle Nadal first! It is still the greatest runner -up in history.

  5. I am optimistic about you, come on

  6. Djo is still strong. The two innings won Ruder. The first set is seven to five, and the second set is six to three. Ruder played well, but there was a gap than Djo, and he lost unjustly.

  7. Some people treat stealing chickens as glory [Haha]

  8. The status of the first person of tennis history is more consolidated

  9. Age is not a simple addition and subtraction method, every one year old, state, physical fitness, injury will be It has an impact on the results, Zhu Xiaode wants to do things for two years. By the way, Nadal may retire next year.

  10. We will strive to win the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon and the Finals of the year next year. Be the oldest year -end [hee hee]

  11. Good luck! Djo.的

  12. After this good 100 years, how much money has been depreciated

  13. Xiaode will always be so direct, never conceal the idea of ​​creating his own era. Unlike some people, he said that he loves tennis, in fact, specializing in speculation.

  14. This trophy is the perfect presentation of sports spirit and tenacious fighting spirit. It is not like some people are heavy. This is the real great fighter!

  15. The opponent did not be defeated by others, but it was fighting by himself. This is the spirit of sports fighting.

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