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Djo 30+ age 7 seize the Grand Slam history first person BIG3 re -definition of the new generation


Djokovic still won 7 Grand Slam championships after the age of 30 and is an unfinished.

In mid -May, Djokovic reversed Sicipas in the Roman Masters and lost to Nadal in the finals. The new generation ‘. “Sure enough, in the Roland, Djokovic won the 11 -game winning streak and the Grand Slam 14 consecutive victory finally won the long -lost musket player cup!

The second champion of French Open is also the seventh Grand Slam champion that Djokovic won after the age of 30, thus surpassing Nadal’s 6 championship to become the first person in history. After entering the three -character head, the Serbian King of the Australian Open, the two consecutive consecutive Battle of Wimbledon, the US Open, and the French Open each. In other words, Djo can still be unable to do after the age of 30.

The 34 -year -old and 22 days also meant that Djokovic became the third year of the French Open men’s singles champion after the French Open men’s singles champion after 1972 in 1972. Since 2004, the Grand Slam has been held 69 times, and the three giants have taken away 58 of them (Federer won the first Grand Slam in Wenwang in 2003). There is no doubt that this is an unparalleled golden age, and it is the era when the new generation was redefined by BIG3. (Amber)

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