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Djejo’s 4.74 million full winning champion awards record 2022 season bonus king


On the way to win the championship, I was tired of shaking hands to the end.

In Turin, Djokovic 5 wins and 5 wins, the sixth time in his career, holding the ATP year -end final championship trophy, and the highest single -game prize bonus in the history of the online altar history, which surpassed Alcalas and the Alcalas andNadal led the ATP bonus list this season with US $ 93.34582, and became the first player in history to exceed US $ 160 million.

Djokovic’s five -game winning streak won the championship

group matches:

66-4/7-6 (4) Sicipas#3

6-4/6-1 Rubilev#7

56-3/6 (5) -7/7-6 (2) Medvedev#5

Half -final:

/7-6 (5)/7-6 (6) Friz#9


37-5/6-3 Lude#4

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  1. There is still a distance, the second largest movement is calculated, the first major sports for personal projects!

  2. The current unique gear of the net altar, Niu Plus, Djo

  3. and 3 sets and 2 wins

  4. Bao Dao is not old

  5. Previously reported that the winning bonus to win the championship also surpassed Swanqin

  6. One year of affected by vaccine problems, maybe it is a year of presence. After, Djo set one record after another, you can always believe in Djokovic [666] [666] [666]

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