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Diferlansco: Modric is worthy of the Golden Globe Award

According to the Marca report, after Rome’s Champions League group match in Rome, Roman coach Difloraisco was interviewed by the media.

“If I am a Real Madrid fan, I won’t worry too much because Ronaldo’s departure.” Diflorazoto said, “I think they are still great, they have already shown in many games. They have a lot of them. The players have the level of filling Ronaldo’s departure level. They are a group of champion players. “

Speaking of the Golden Globe Award, Difloraisco said: “Fans want Real Madrid players to win the prize. I think Modric performed well in the national team and clubs. The performance is incredible. However, many players in Real Madrid are also worthy of this award. “

For the defeat of this game, Diferlansco also gave his own opinion: “You said that I lacked change before, and now you say that I have changed too much. We have adopted a 433 formation, maybe we should use other formations . The most important thing now is to create a sustainable performance under a system. “

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