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Did the Rocket Lakers still have that taste?

The NBA’s domestic influence, since the rise of the Golden State Warriors, the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers have accounted for almost half of the mountains. In the first ten years of the 21st century, Kobe and Yao Ming trained a large number of domestic fans in China. After Kobe’s retirement, James’s joining allowed the Lakers to repeat the glory of the Zijin giants. Several encounters between the Lakers and the Rockets between 2018 and 2020 also contributed many venues. For example, when Hart was defended by Harden, Harden was hung up with his arms to break through but blown his foul. Dare to defend Harden behind his hands.

For example, Paul and Rondo’s old fist facing the passionate spray.

For example, Westbrook was infinitely emptied by the Lakers during the 2020 playoffs, but shouted to James: “You are the best to clip me.” James was speechless and only returned his evil smile.

The past dust has become a cloud of smoke. There was no Rockets who dared to fight against the Warriors dynasty. The Rockets had five Xiaoqiang. Two years ago, the Lakers who won the championship Kobe in the Spirit of Heaven also left only the two generals of Zhan Mei. Those classic scenes will eventually become a photo of back color, and they will have everyone’s memories.

After Harden left, the Rockets began to rebuild. After the Lakers were full of expectations, they played hard after the new season. Before James scored 56 points and 10 rebounds against the Warriors, the Lakers had lost 14 games in 20 games. James’s anger is more like a god who dedicated to his twilight heroes, not a turning point for the Lakers to take the right track. Today, when the two teams that carry countless Chinese fans have a lot of sparks, how can they collide differently?

First, the home has the first time to grow up

Since being selected, Jaylen Green has been propagating himself several times on many occasions is the best rookie in this year. Young people, arrogant and harmless. You can be the first place when you are young. If you don’t float? However, in the NBA, the side effects of arrogant are also obvious. Everyone wants to give Green’s class “Welcom to NBA”. Just like Lillard said at the beginning of the season: “When I was first selected by the Blazers, the first game was Drachica. Of course, he was a very good player. Is it a big name like Brook? As a result, I was exploded by him. “

The NBA defenders were ruthlessly teased and destroyed Green, the outspoken rookie, 43 games before the All -Star game, although Green could score a total of 14.6 points, ranked fourth in the rookie, but his shooting hit his shoot The rate is only 38.7%. Among the players with a average of more than 12 stars in the league, this hit rate is the fourth difference.

Green, full of confidence, participated in the dunk contest. Rockets fans were expecting the young man to fly to the sky. Anyway, he took a dunk Wang Chongchong. As a result, Green was fans of the fans in the 9 buckle in the dunk contest.

Like all the potential is a rookie, Green, who is only 20 years old, is a semi -finished product after entering the NBA. All technologies need to be re -carved. The tragedy of entering the league is also conceivable. The important thing is how his own learning and adaptability. Green’s talent is visible to the naked eye, and his learning ability is underestimated. When many people were disappointed with him, Green put away his big mouth and chose to speak with the stadium. Since February, he has gradually entered a good realm. He scored 16.5 points in 10 games in a single month, and the three -point hit rate increased to 38.6%. After the All -Star, Green broke out completely, with averaging more than 20 points per game, and the shooting rate was close to 50%(49.6%).

In today’s match against the Lakers, Green has played a masterpiece of career. He scored 32 points in his career at 21 of 13 of the game. Especially in the overtime, he scored 10 points in a row, and a wave of orgasm took away the game. In the past 9 games, he has 7 scoring 20+ scores, hitting a race of more than 50%.

After the game, Green did not give the old seniors, saying that today’s plan is to attack Anthony, the weakness of the defensive end. This sentence does not know how many Lakers fans have been pierced.

Second, the old Lakers

Among the teams that are as determined to be in the championship, Anthony, who is almost 38, should not play for 30 minutes and the final stage of the game. However, the Lakers also made Anthony averaged 26.8 minutes this season, regardless of his fact that he would become a cash machine on the court.

Not only Anthony, today James couldn’t hold it up in front of the young Shen Jing. Faced with the young people who are almost half of their own, how can James stand up to the position of the center? But after Davis was injured, after Jordan was cut, the Lakers’s only inside Gabriel only played for 2 minutes. The dying Five Lakers were also preparing to go black.

Westbrook was dissatisfied with the fans’ called WestBrick a while ago. But everyone knows that the culprit of the Lakers’ failure this season is his joining. He holds the second highest salary of the league, but has only 400 high -level data from outside. In the recent game, he lost his soul and had no confidence. According to the news from TA reporters, he and the Lakers are destined to break up next season, and he does not accept the Lakers’ decision to replace him with a substitute.

In today’s competition, although James has 23 points, 14 boards and 12 assists, can only be 9 of 9 and 9 of 3 points and 9 shots. These three pairs are a bit “prestigious three doubles”. WestbrookAfter finally playing a barely watching game, he scored 30 points and 8 boards and 6 help. In the overtime, he missed the chance to be close at hand and used the iconic mistakes to win victory.Perhaps James and Westbrook are nothing wrong. They are just old, and they are at the time of exiting the center of the stage.Just like the Rockets last year, after the failure of the championship, they dismantled the team’s original lineup to completely rebuild.How far will the Lakers rebuild on the day of rebuilding?

I don’t know who the protagonist will be next season.(30 points)

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  1. The charm of the NBA is here. The first countdown is not allowed to overthrow the first. It is normal for the Rockets to turn on the lake.

  2. There are star flavors, it is not wonderful, it is quite fierce

  3. Caudin chicken peck each other

  4. The first one is the first, there is no prominent All -Star material

  5. Lakers: Lian Po Lao; Rockets: post -life can be awesome

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