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Detailed explanation of the new Assembly league seat allocation of Chinese Super League won 2+1

Source: Madexing Dexing Club


The Super League of 2022 has ended at the end of last year, and the team in the AFC Champions League in the 2023-24 season was basically finalized.Among the seats of the Chinese Super League 2+2, the new champion of Wuhan Town and the FA Cup champion that has not yet been decided will directly enter the group stage, win the second place in Shandong Taishan and the third place in Zhejiang will participate in the playoffs.If Shandong Taishan won the FA Cup championship, the fourth place in the league Shanghai Harbor will replace the playoffs.No matter which four teams in the end participate in the AFC Champions League in the 2023-24 season, they should go all out to win good results and change the overall team of the Chinese Super League team in the intercontinental field in the past three years, and get more AFC technical points.At the same time, it is also for the newly founded Asse Super League to win more seats.


The distribution rules of the Assembly seat are customized by China Supermarket

At the end of last year, the “Sports Weekly” reported that at the Asian Football Contest Committee meeting held on December 23, 2022, the Asian Club events have been comprehensively adjusted from the 2024-25 season, and the existing AFC Champions League+The plan for adjustment to the three major cups of the AFC has been passed, but the name of the event has not been finalized.On February 1st this year, the Asian Federation Executive Committee will hold the 33rd AFC National Congress at Balin, and will be finalized before that.

According to the plan, the seats of the three major events of the Asian Club in the future will still be assigned according to the technical points of the subordinates of the subordinate members of the AFC, but a major change is that the technical points will be changed from the calculation of the past four years to “eight years”.The reporter specifically pointed out in the report that this is actually “tailor -made” for the Super League.And according to the latest technical points rankings, the Chinese Super League will get a 2+1 Assembly (new first-level event) participation seat in the 2024-25 season; win 1 AFC Champions League (a new second-level event) seat seat;The third -level event did not participate in the competition.

Why is this technical points adjustment specially customized for China -Super?First of all, please compare these two forms:

Table 1: 2022 AFC Football Association Technical Points Ranking

Table 2: Calculate the latest technical points ranking after the past eight years

Table 1 is a technical point converted in accordance with the rules of the AFC Federation in the past four years (2019 to 2022) in the Asian Club.From this table, we can clearly see that the Super League was sent to the youth army or reserve team to fight due to the influence of the epidemic in the past three years. The results were very unsatisfactory.Sliding directly to the 17th place in Asia.According to such technical points rankings, there will be only one seat that can get the event in the future!Because in the entire East Asian region, the Chinese Super League has ranked 7th.

In addition, according to the latest resolutions approved by the AFC Competition Committee, membership associations that are eligible to participate in the new “Asian Super League” in the future must rank among the top six in their regions!If only the results of the past four years are calculated, the Chinese Super League will be absent from the Assembly.

However, if the results of the past eight years are calculated, it can be seen from Table 2 that the Chinese Super League can rank seventh in the entire Asia, and it can rank third in the East Asian region.The league, “tailor -made” is easy to understand.

Of course, when the AFC Competition Committee calculates the results of the past eight years, it is not simplified, but a coefficient quantitative: the more the scores of the year, the higher the proportion of the proportion.For example, the coefficient of the 2022 season in the past is 1, while the 2021 season coefficient is reduced to 0.9, and so on. The earliest coefficient in 2014 was 0.3.The reason why it was counted in 2014 was because the global epidemic was outbreak in 2020, and the AFC clearly stated that it would not include the results of this year.

Therefore, the technical points of the Chinese Super League in the AFC Champions League in the 8th year are: 2.775 points in 2014, 6.300 points in 2015, 7.375 points in 2016, 14.740 points in 2017, 11.340 points in 2018, 13.880 points in 2019, 2021 in 2021At 0.720 points and 0.500 points in 2022, the total score is 57.630 points.With this technical points, the Super League ranks seventh in the median ranking, and the East Asian region ranks third, and it has won the Assembly League’s seats.


The three major Asian cups are divided into the Super League [2+1] +1

According to the latest plan, there are 24 teams participating in the Assembly League, 12 teams in the East and West Asian regions.Among them, 10 teams in East and West Asia are directly qualified for participating, and 2 teams each generate through playoffs.The team that lost in the playoffs directly goes directly to the second club event (that is, the AFC Champions League).

In the Asian Football League’s technical points rankings, the top six membership associations in the East and West Asian regions will be eligible to send teams to participate.However, in fact, there are a total of 13 teams in the East and West and Asian teams who have won the Assembly. In addition, half of the seats are reserved as the defending champion, but because the defending champion cannot be determined from which region, the East Asian region and the West Asia UniversityThe districts are reserved.If the defending champion gets qualifications through the national league or cup, the vacancies of these half of the seats, the three teams participating in the playoffs in each region decide 2 to participate in the main match;Together with the three teams who need to participate in the playoffs, they are competing for two main matches.A total of 32 participating teams in the second -level club competition (AFC Champions League), and 16 participating teams in East Asia and West Asia regions. Only in the top 12 of the Asian region in the Asian Football Technology Points can the team participate.Among them, each of the top six member associations in each region has one seat directly in the group stage; the seventh to tenth position has 1+1 seat;, Each with 0.5 seats.Therefore, of the 16 teams, 11 teams have obtained the qualifications directly, 2 teams are teams that have lost in the Assembly League playoffs, and 3 teams have obtained qualifications through the qualifications and post -players.

There are 20 teams in the third club, including 12 Western Asian regions and 8 teams in East Asia.Member Associations, which are ranked seventh in the respective regions, are likely to participate.Among them, 3 teams in the West Asia region are directly qualified for participation, 2 teams are the defeat teams in the second (AFC Champions League) league, and 6 teams have obtained their qualifications through the playoffs of this level.of.There are 3 teams in the East Asian region that are the defeat teams in the second (AFC Champions League) league, and 5 teams are qualified to participate through the playoffs of this level.

In this way, the Super League will receive the Assembly in the 2024-25 season. The seat of the Assembly is 2+1.In addition, there is also a place in the AFC Champions League, and the third place in the league directly enters the main competition.If the league runner -up will lose in the Assembly playground, it will also participate in the second -level event.

In other words, the Chinese Super League will still appear in the Asian arena in the 2024-25 season, but their performance and results will affect the distribution of seats in the 2025-26 season.Intercontinental events!

As the AFC Champions League Western Region is scheduled to begin in February this year, the AFC will announce the final technical points ranking and finalize the final seat allocation.However, the possibility of changes in the East Asian region is basically not much, because even if the Na -red diamonds in Japan finally win the championship, Japan has now ranked first in East Asia, and it is impossible to have a higher ranking in the increase in technical points.I am afraid that the seats can no longer change.

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