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Deserved!Why does Messi have the ability to press Fan Dike’s personal performance without solution


Messi won the Golden Globe for the sixth time

With the name of “African Andy Lau” after the mystery, Messi’s name, the 2019 Golden Globe winner was officially released: Messi won his 6th Golden Globe trophy.

In fact, Messi was no longer a suspense, because too much information pointed to Messi to win the prize, and the final award was only a step -by -step step.

And Messi’s award can be described as a name, he deserves the award. Earlier, even competitors Mbappe was optimistic about Messi: “From a personal point of view, Messi is the best this year, and he is worthy of the Golden Globe Award.”

This year’s Golden Globe Award mainly competed between the three of Messi, Ronaldo and Van Dick, and the media argued a lot about who could win the prize, and they could list some reasons.

As far as Messi is concerned, he is completely worthy of this year’s Golden Globe. First of all, from the team and personal performance, he is the La Liga champion, the best shooter in the La Liga, the best assistant, the European Golden Boot Award, the best shooter in the Champions League. The Daily Sports Daily pointed out that although Barcelona did not receive the honor of the three crowns, Messi was not the culprit of the Champions League collapse. In fact, he had done his best. In the first round of Liverpool, Barcelona was completely suppressed. The scene was very ugly. It was Messi’s outstanding performance, including a 28 -meter -away free kick directly breaking the goal, and a score that was extremely inconsistent with the scene. In the second round, Barcelona lost, but Messi, who was focusing on, was still the number of players in the audience, successfully sent a straight ball, breakthrough and the number of key passing players in the audience.

The voting of the Golden Globes is mainly considering from three perspectives. One is the collective performance of the individual and team of the player. Messi’s personal performance is not problematic. In the top 4 of the Champions League; second, the characteristics of the players, such as talent and fair competition, Messi should be full in this regard; third, comprehensively consider the performance of the player’s career, and Messi performs in her career. Great stability is produced.

It may be a pity that Fan Dike has failed to win. Liverpool players won the Champions League, and their personal performance was very good, but the defensive players were difficult to make colorful and it was difficult to attract votes. There is still a chance to win the prize. But in any case, Messi won the Golden Globe Award this year, and he also deserved this award. This is the best affirmation of Messi’s last season and career. (Ivan)

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