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Deng Xiaofei: Failure is due to the second round of strength in the second round.

On the afternoon of January 5th, the first round of the 2022 China Football Association Cup finals, Jinan Xingzhou team lost to the Zhejiang team 0-3.After the game, Deng Xiaofei, a goalkeeper of the Jinan Xingzhou team, was interviewed by the media.

When talking about the gap between the two teams, the goalkeeper of the Jinan Xingzhou team Deng Xiaofei said: “Overall, our players have done their best. This game is very exciting. For fansLosing is indeed our own strength. “

When asked whether this game had a special significance to himself, Deng Xiaofei replied: “I think it can help me to play this kind of game in Jinan, the old owner of Jinan.”

When talking about the contest of the second round, Deng Xiaofei said: “We will do our best to play a more exciting game.”

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