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Demystifying-how terrible the European Cup death group is!Cristiano Ronaldo defending the head of the head


Super death group!

The end of the European Cup group match in 2020 was over. It was surprising that Germany, France, and Portugal entered Group F together to form a veritable death group with additional match winners (Iceland/Bulgaria/Hungary).

How terrible this death group is?

Calculating the champion of the competition alone, the honor of Germany, France, and Portugal is shocking. Germany won the World Cup 4 times and won the European Cup 3 times; France won the World Cup twice and won the European Cup twice; Portugal also has one European Cup championship.


Outstanding results in the German competition


Excellent results of the Portuguese competition


French honor is not inferior to

What’s even more scary is that Germany, France, and Portugal have won the championship of nearly 4 World/European competitions. In 2014, Germany won the World Cup championship; two years later, Portugal won the championship trophy, and Portugal won the European Union in 2019; in 2018, France won the World Cup championship. It can be said that these three heroes are the best champions in the world football in recent years.

In addition, even the candidate for the unsteady attracted winner is also a talent, adding more uncertainty to the group of death. Iceland entered the top 8 in the 2016 European Cup, and ranked among the top 32 of the 2018 World Cup; Hungary, the European Cup also entered the top 16 in 2016, with the strength of stirring. [Leading the team to kill the death group! Create your football dynasty]

Why can the three teams of Germany, France, and Portugal enter a group?

As one of the hosts of this European Cup in Germany, it is also the first team of the 6th teams with the best results of the European Cup qualifiers. It successfully fell into Group F as the first team.


Remove the performance of the team at the bottom of the team, France is just the first group of the 7th good group

France’s entry into the second stage is related to the European Cup pre -selection system. Because there are 55 teams in this European Cup participating in the qualifiers, 5 teams have 5 teams and 5 teams have 6 teams. To reduce the results of the two games against the team at the bottom of the team, and then calculate the points. Therefore, although France scored 25 points in the European preliminaries, it remained 2 victories (6 points) against Moldova, 6th place against the group. France had only 19 points. First, the identity of the team in the first gear can only fall into the second gear.


Portuguese total score 13th

Similarly, Portugal only got 5 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in the European preliminaries, and became the 13th of all teams, and also fell into the third gear.

In addition, due to the many hosts of the European Cup in this year, the Netherlands as the host+the second team fell into Group C, and Danish as the host+the third gear team fell into Group B. Therefore, the probability of France and Portugal’s entry into group F also increased Essence

In this way, the first Germany, the second France, and the third Portuguese, were coincidentally formed a group of death.

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