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Dek talked about Goat: James Super Jabal could no longer support Jordan

On December 26th, Beijing time, the Lone Ranger held a sculpture unveiling ceremony for the legend of the team history. In the subsequent press conference, Novitzki was asked about Goat’s topic.

“I always said that Jordan was Goat, but when James scored beyond Jabal, I had no reason to support Jordan.”

James has scored 37758 points so far, only 630 points away from the historical scores surpassed by Jabar.

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  1. The logic is not available. If you exceed Jabal, you are Goat, then you should support Jabal as Goat.

  2. The driver is holding legs in connotation, teaching him what is loyal [haha] [Haha]

  3. It is as ridiculous as the 5 crown Super Jordan

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    RevivalRedDevilsintheNinthYear 12月 26, 2022 at 2:21 上午

    Jordan, who saw the second three consecutive championships in the middle of the middle school, was really not comparable to everyone else.

  5. Reply
    |Eachotheristheonly2017 12月 26, 2022 at 2:21 上午

    Black the eyebrows and injured him, did you?

  6. You are so lonely

  7. Jordan is a fart. Lao Zhan is not even [Yun Bei] [Yun Bei]

  8. brush the data to goat?Sitting up and consider these first!

  9. Jordan is unattended

  10. Do you not brush it?It seems that the score is easy, can you play basketball,

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