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Djokovic won the year -end finals championship for the sixth time, and won $ 4.7403 million

In the early morning of November 21, Beijing time, the 2022 ATP year -end finals ended the men’s singles finals. Djokovic did not send a break point in the whole game. In the end, he won the two sets with 7-5/6-3. Single championship, tied Federer’s record of winning the championship, and this week with a 5 -win record of 5.7403 million U.S. dollars in 5 wins and 5 wins. Intersection

△ Djokovic won the ATP year -end final men’s singles championship after seven years

▲ Djo broke Federer’s oldest championship record at the age of 35 and 182 days when Federer won the championship in 2011 (30 -year -old 104 days)

☆ Djo’s five cups this season, winning the 91st championship of his personal career

★ Djo ended his 2022 season battle with a record of 42 wins and 7 losses

○ After Djo received 1500 points, the rank

● In addition to winning 9 championships (2 Asias) in the ATP250, Ruda is defeated in the finals of the finals in the final finals in higher levels.

◇ Rud, who won the runner -up, got 800 points, surpassed Sicipas ranking to the third, ranked after two Spanish players Alcalas and Nadal

◆ Ruder’s 2022 season record is 51 wins and 22 losses. In the 7th finals, 3 championships and 4 runners -up

Although the first set of games, although Djokovic missed three break points, it completed a key break at the end of the plate, so as to win a plate with 7-5

约 In the second set, the fourth game of Djo successfully broke the Ruude’s take-up game and finally controlled the initiative, and eventually the next set of 6-3, thereby defeating Ruude in two sets. After the sixth time in 2015, the men’s singles championship won the ATP year -end finals, and the record holder Federer side by side!

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    ThestoryofNCKducklingducksandducks 11月 21, 2022 at 2:25 上午

    Congratulations to Dejo, God of War

  2. always call people who do n’t wake up to sleep. They love to be convinced and speak in the facts

  3. It is equivalent to a Grand Slam [strength]

  4. Consumption of Germany, Rude is not. In fact, the President Mei Slow Hard venue can play Germany, and it is almost hard. It is almost retired.

  5. Xiaide 2-3 Grand Slam next year!

  6. niubility

  7. After that, the “first tennis in history” will come to spray! Everyone cares about it!

  8. There are people who are not convinced. Only by fully surpass can everyone be convinced!

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    Lostitalsoknowsthatitisalsoknown 11月 21, 2022 at 2:25 上午

    [like] [like] [like] [like] [Praise] [Like]

  10. When he retired, Djo was 25 crowns, Nadal 22, Federer 21.

  11. Congratulations to Dejo to win the finals! His achievements were not obtained by taking medicine, and his pace was not stopped by some countries.

  12. No German, Djo must teach him to be a man!

  13. Seeing your name, I have nothing to say …

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