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Deep Foot Teachers Guan Zhen: It is affirmed that the team members show that Dalian people have more physical fitness

On November 8th, Beijing time, in the 24th round of the Super League, Dalian defeated Shenzhen 2-0.The Shenzhen team agent Guan Zhen attended the post -match press conference.

Guan Zhen concluded the competition: “First of all, our coaching team affirmed the performance of the team members. Whether it was starting or changing the game, the coaching team intended to perform tactics. Especially in the first half, our restrictions on the opponents can see the Dalian team’s team.The compression play is not played very effectively. “

“We have gained a lot of opportunities. What we have not solved now is to seize the opportunity. Thank you again for the spirit of hard work, because our team has played a few games in a row, and the time to stay in Haikou is relatively long. The Dalian team adjusted some players before, Physical fitness may be more abundant than us. “

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