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Data summarized by the Chinese Super League: Averaging averages per game higher than last season in Dalian many columns 1

Reporter Chen Yong reported that the Chinese Super League in the 2022 season, 298 actual competitions wrote a new record, an increase of 58 games from the highest 240 games before, an increase of 24%. More games mean more exercise.From the perspective of data, the overall performance of the Super League is still satisfactory, and the individual teams and players of the Super League show different characteristics on the data.

The basic situation of the 2022 season is: 18 teams actually played 298 games (306 games, abandon 8 games due to the epidemic).In terms of participating players, there are 731 people, of which 623 are registered normally. In the final period of the season, the “Report Procedure” reimbursed 108 U21 players.Regardless of the overall registration or normal league registration, it has created a record high.

62 games were drawn, with a winning match of 236 games, and the outfits of the winning defeat accounted for 79.2%of the game.It can be compared that in the first stage of the first stage of the 2021 season, in the 14 rounds of 112 games, the number of draws was 30, and 82 games were divided into victory.

In the 2022 season, a total of 850 goals in the Super League, averaging 2.85 goals per game. The number of goals far exceeds many previous seasons. For example, the 2007 and 2009 seasons have only scored 2.23 goals.By the 2016 season, the average goal was far lower than this season. Only the 2017 to 2019 season averaged more than 3 goals, which was higher than this season.As for the 2020 season and the 2021 season, the average goals in the 2020 season are 2.82, which is close to this season. There are only 2.54 goals in the 2021 season.

In the case of averaging 2.85 goals per game, there are only 1.29 goals for foreign average scores, and the average goals of foreign average scores are as low as 45%. The average percentage of local players is as high as 55%.In the previous season, local players were completely suppressed in the 2019 and 2020 season. In the 2019 season, local players scored half of the goal.Local players scores slightly higher than foreign aid.

In terms of net competition time, the 2022 season averaged 52 minutes and 11 seconds, which was basically the same as the 2019 season of 52 minutes and 13 seconds. Compared with 52 minutes and 23 seconds and 2021 season in the 2020 season, it declined in 54 minutes and 30 seconds in the 2021 season.

In terms of running distance, the average running distance of the 2022 season was 213011 meters, slightly higher than the 212133 meters in the 2019 season and 208411 in the 2018 season, slightly lower than the 216099 meters in the 2020 season.

The biggest change is high -intensity running. In the 2022 season, the average high -intensity running distance is as high as 15,439 meters, which is much higher than the 9812 meters in 2019 and 10074 meters in the 2020 season, and it is also higher than the 12172 meters in the 2021 season.The improvement of high -intensity running means that the physical fitness of the Super League in the 2022 season is quite good.

It is also worth noting the U23 players. This season, U23 players have registered 207 people normally, accounting for 33.2%of the normal registration of 623 people, higher than 31.2%, 28.6%, and 30.3%corresponding to the 2019 to 2021 season.In the 2022 season, U23 players scored 0.26 per game, which was 0.25 higher than the 2021 season, much higher than 0.2 in the 2019 season and 0.21 in the 2018 season.Of course, this has been added with the “Report Procedure” in the last few rounds of the season, as well as the Quanhua Class in Guangzhou and Hebei, and young players have played more.

In addition to these data, as far as the 2022 Super League is concerned, the overall skills and tactics performance are different, showing the characteristics of differentiation towards the two directions: the performance of good skills and tactics is the main scenes of fans entering the venue, such as Beijing GuoanVS Shandong Taishan, Chengdu Rongcheng VS Wuhan Three Town, in addition, the strong final game is good.However, in addition to this, especially the matching match, its technical and tactical performance cannot be satisfactory.

In the 2022 season of the Chinese Super League, 18 Super League teams, many teams with their own problems are five furniture music departments including Hebei, Guangzhou, Wuhan Yangtze River, Guangzhou City, and Shenzhen. In addition, there are some problems in Shanghai Shenhua and Beijing Guoan.Less than half.Other clubs are not without problems, but it has not yet been exposed.

Compared with the 2021 season, the quality of survival of the Super League Club has been significantly improved: there are more clubs with economic difficulties in the 2021 season.There were some problems in Shenzhen, Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou, accounting for more than 60 %.

The performance of the 4th rises in the 2022 season made people shine.Wuhan Three Town, Zhejiang and Chengdu Rongcheng are relatively stable. They have achieved very good records, ranking the Super League champion, the third and fifth Chinese Super League.Essence

This season, the most dominant team is naturally the three towns of the champion and runner -up of the champion and runner -up, and the Shanyama of Shandong.In terms of the ball control rate in Shandong, Shandong Taishan is the only team with a ball control rate of more than 60%, which is 5.1%higher than the second place in Shanghai Harbor. Corresponding to this, the Taishan team is passing and passing the success rate.The middle and corner kicks are also obviously leading.Wuhan Three Town shows stronger offensive efficiency. They have shot up to 590 times, 33 times higher than Taishan, Shandong, and 72 times ahead of Chengdu Rongcheng, the third place in Taishan, Shandong.The same is true of shooting. The three towns of Wuhan have 226 times, leading 24 times ahead of Shandong, and 30 times ahead of Chengdu Rongcheng in Taishan, Shandong.The ball control rate in Wuhan’s three towns was only 51.6%, ranking eighth, the number of passing number, and the ninth pass. However, the success rate of the pass rate of the three town in Wuhan reached the fourth and the corner kick reached the third.Interestingly, in terms of threatening the number of passing, the three towns of Wuhan are basically the same as Taishan, Shandong.

Zhejiang, Shanghai Harbor and Chengdu Rongcheng formed the 2022 Super League’s Second Group. Zhejiang and Chengdu Rongcheng performed stable.In addition, Songshan Longmen and Beijing Guoan in Henan can also be included in the second group, because they are quite small from the above three teams, and they have greatly removed the subsequent teams, especially Beijing Guoan also gave up two games.

At the defensive level, the Dalian people are the best. They ranked first with 589 steals, far away from other teams. In addition, their fouls also ranked first.EssenceFor Dalian people, there is another data that is also the first -long pass, 2326 long pass, far ahead of 1884 Cangzhou lions, and 1882 times in Guangzhou and Wuhan Yangtze River.

The “pressing” of the Dalian people is actually not in control of the rhythm of the game or always forced to grab it. It is still a defensive counterattack. It is just that when they counterattack, they dare to press more players to participate.Tactical execution is very good. Although it is not said to be free, the conversion of dense defense and offensive attacks is very good. The way to avoid defense risks is more running and more fighting.

In the 2022 season, 3 players in the Super League achieved the “double 10+” of the goals and assists. They are 16 assists in Moisez with 13 goals, 13 assists in Davidson, 11 of them, 11Assisting 10 goals Stanqiu.Compared with the 2019 season, only Augusto was a “double 10+” player. Oscar 18 assists, but there were only 9 goals.

In addition to the top of the top of Moisus, the goal ranks at the forefront, and the pass and key passing are second.Davidson is the second to assists, the fifth key pass. At the same time, Davidson ranks first in terms of fouls and fouls, which shows his sense of responsibility and threat.

The two players of Moisus and Davidson also have a common feature, that is, the sense of responsibility is very strong, and the fighting spirit has been rising. If in terms of data, compared with Malkang and Stanqiu, Davidson is the true real in Wuhan Town.core.In the Taishan Team, Moisseus’s core role is more obvious compared with Cresan and Sun Junhao.As for Stanqiu, the most impressive is naturally his superb free kick ability and passing. He ranked third in key passing in the key pass in the case of the appearance time.

In terms of the Sagittarius list, Malkang won the best shooter with 27 goals. Cresan ranked second with 25 goals. Zhang Yingning ranked third with 19 goals and ranked first in the local Sagittarius.Of these three players, Malkang’s super personal ability is indeed amazing. Cresan is the surprise of the Taishan team. As for Zhang Yingning, when the performance of Guoan’s entire season is not particularly outstanding, he supports it with his outstanding performance.The entire team.

In the best player selection at the end of the season, the sixth players who got the most votes, namely 3 “Double 10+” players and 3 shooters.

In addition, many players of other teams are also impressive, such as Zhejiang’s dual -core Frank and Mu Xiekui (ranking at the forefront of goals), Luo Luoluo in Chengdu Rongcheng (key pass), CangzhouThe male lion’s Canter (the first six of the Sagittarius list in half a season), Lin Liangming of the Dalian people (the best shooter in the Dalian team, the second local shooter list).In addition, Yan Dinghao ranked first in the passing rankings, the seventh interception ranked, and the steal was also at the forefront. At the same time, he performed very well in running distance and high -intensity running.

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