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Dakar Rally ss5: Attia stage champion and continue leading


Attia to win the competition championship continues to lead the car group total results list

2023 The Dakar Rally ended the competition in the 5th stage on January 5th. Toyota team Qatar driver Al-Attia won the championship again with a score of 4 hours, 13 minutes and 23 seconds.Esse lags 1 minute and 57 seconds, and his teammates Peter Hanssel third.

The starting point of the fifth stage is at Harler, with a total length of 646 kilometers, of which 375 kilometers are 375 kilometers.

In the automotive group, Labo, who won the championship yesterday, lost 20 minutes due to turning over.In the Audi camp, Exter Roms suffered a mechanical failure, and Senns and Peter Hanssel won the runner -up and third runner -up.The victory of the stage still belongs to Altia, the leading total score.He has a leading advantage in total scores for more than 22 minutes.

In terms of Chinese drivers, the BAIC ORV team Zhang Guoyu/Jean Piels section is 17th, Han Wei Sports Team Han Wei/Mali No. 22, Yun Yunliang/Shahe 69, Tianpo/Du Xuanyi 77th.

In terms of motorcycles, Barrid, who won the championship yesterday, suffered a doom in a crash. Fortunately, Spanish drivers were not a big deal.Another Honda camp driver Van Bevern won the first stage championship in five years, and the leader of the total score became Hovez, and Priece followed closely.

In terms of Chinese motorcycles, the 36th place in the Sunier section, the 48th place in Deng Liansong, the 69th place in Zhang Min, the 70th place in Zhao Hongyi, the 82nd in Zuckerel, and the 95th place in Fangming.

On January 6, the Dakar Rally will usher in the competition of the 6th stage.Starting from Hayler, the finish line is located at Duvadami, with a total length of 635 kilometers and a special stage of 421 kilometers.

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