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Dakar Rally SS4: Lebia champion Etia still leads


2023 Dakar Lali SS4 Laba Championship

In 2023, the Dakar Rally ended the competition in the fourth stage on January 4th. The weather in the game yesterday was good, and the track was not disturbed by the rain.Trana regretful for his back injury to retire from the competition, and his teammate Leb won the first stage championship in this event.In terms of total scores, Altia has a leading advantage for 18 minutes, and Allazi is second and fourth and fourth.

The starting point of the SS4 stage is at Hayler, with a total length of 573 kilometers, of which 425 kilometers are 425 kilometers.

In terms of Chinese drivers, the 14th place in Zhang Guoyu/Jean Piel’s section, the 25th place in Hanwei/Mali, the 46th place in Yunliang/Shahe, and the 86th place in Tianpo/Du Xuanyi.

In terms of motorcycles, Barride won the 29th championship in his career, which is getting closer and closer to the maximum record of the Dakar Rally motorcycle group.In terms of total scores, Sanders, who was compensated for the opening time, led the lead, and Hovez and Kevin Benovids followed closely.

In terms of Chinese motorcycles, Deng Liansong’s 48th place, 74th in Zucker, 76th in Zhang Min, 77th in Zhao Hongyi, 90th place in Senier, and 114th in Fangming.

On January 5th, the Dakar Rally will usher in the competition of the 5th stage. The starting point is in Hayler, with a total length of 646 kilometers, of which 375 kilometers are 375 kilometers.

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