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Dakar Rally SS3: Chichereter champion Etia led


2023 Dakar Rally SS3 Chichesis champion

In 2023, the Dakar Rally ended the competition in the third stage on January 3. Due to the emergence of thunderstorms, each group event was forced to terminate in advance.

Starting from El Ora in the third stage, the end point is located in Hayler.The stage is 669 kilometers, of which 447 kilometers are 447 kilometers.

In terms of automobile groups, Sienes, who had a leading total score before, suffered a lot of trouble. The rear wheel failure caused them to lose a lot of time and only won 44th stage.Chicedigt, Ratan and Terranova finally won the top three in the stage.Altia has become the new leader of the total score, Allazi second, Peter Hanse third.

In terms of Chinese drivers, Zhang Guoyu/Jean Pierre is the 14th place, Han Wei/Mali 30th, Yunyun Liang/Shahe No. 62, Tianpo/Du Xuanyi 82nd.

In terms of motorcycles, the motorcycle group champion Ricci Brabak was retired in 2020, and the driver was sent to a local hospital for examination.After the American driver Klein won the championship yesterday, he still won the third place today.Sanders won the game and led the total score list.

In terms of Chinese motorcycles, the 47th place in the Senol section, the 49th place in Zuckerel, the 74th place in Zhao Hongyi, the 78th place in Deng Liansong, the 85th place in Zhang Min, and the 99th place in Fangming.

At the same time, the Dakar Rally of the legendary drifting drifting drifting drifting drifting drifting drifting the most sincere mourning yesterday.

On January 4th, the fourth stage will compete. The starting point will be in Hayler. The total length of the stage is 573 kilometers, of which 425 kilometers are 425 kilometers.

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