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Daily Tour 2023 A glance of the schedule of 26 stops exceeding 3.3 billion yen


Kinugu Takashi

On December 25, Beijing time, the Japanese tour announced the new year’s schedule a few days ago.In 2023, the 50th season of the day tour, at least 26 stops will be held, two more stops this year. Let’s take a look at the specific schedule:

1) From March 30th to April 2nd, the Token Homemate Cup, the Token Tado Country Club Nagoya of Nagoya, Mie County, 130 million yen, D-Fragrant Wife Qilong (66-69-66-69/270, -14, the first one added to catch the birds to defeat Guichuan);

2) From April 6th to 9th, the American Masters (Masters Tournament, overseas Grand Slam), Golf Club, Georian Augusta, Georgia, $ 15 million, D-Scott Sherle;

3) From April 13th to 16th, the Kansai Open Golf Championship, Izumigaoka Country Club (Izumigaoka Country CLUB), 80 million yen, D-Bijiayi (65-67-68-70/270, -14, leading 1 shot to defeat Hoshino Lu Ye);

4) From April 20th to 23rd, the ISPS Handa Championship (Joint Certification of the European Patrol), the PGM Ishigang Golf Club, 270,440,000 yen, D-Guichuan (67-63-65-65/260, -24, leading 1 shot to win Hoshino Lu Ye);+

5) From April 27th to 30th, the Crowns of China, Nagoya Golf Club Wago Course, Nagoya Golf Club Wago Course, Aichi Prefecture, 110 million yen, D-Di Mori (64-71–66-63/264, -16, leading 3 ahead to defeat Huang Chongkun);+

6) From May 18th to 21st, the Golf PARF PARTNER Pro-AM Tournament, Ibaraki Prefecture, TORIDE KOKUSAI GOLF Club, 60 million yen, D-Today Weekwu;+

7) From May 18th to 21st, the PGA Championships (Overseas Grand Slam), the Rochester Oakshan Rural Club in New York, USA, $ 15 million, D-Justin-Thomas;

8) From May 25th to 28th, the Gate Way to the Open Mizuno Open, the JFE SETONAIKAI Golf Club of JFE Setonaikai, Okayama Prefecture, 80 million yen, D-Scott-Vincent;-

9) On June 1st, the BMW Japan Golf Tour Championship “Mori Building Cup”Course), 150 million yen, D-Bi Jia is expensive;

10) From June 8th to 11th, the ASO IIZUKA Challenged Golf Tournament, Fukuoka Prefecture, Makuka Ishuka Golf Club, 100 million yen, D-Chimura Kuanshi;

11) From June 15th to 18th, the Bank of Korea and Asian Invitational (joint certification with the Korean tour), Chiba Isumi Golf Club (Chiba Isumi Golf Club), 100 million yen; new events;

12) From June 15th to 18th, the U.S. Open (Overseas Grand Slam), the northern stadium of the Los Angeles Rural Club, California, USA, $ 17.5 million, D-Matt-Fitz Patrick;

13) From June 22nd to 25th, the Japanese Players Championship by Satosyokuhin, Nishi Nasuno Country Club (Nishi Nasuno Country Club), 50 million yen-66-66-65/265, -23, leading 1 shot to win the Daxukui); 14) from June 29 to July 2, the Long Island Maoxiong Invitational Tournament-Shigeo Nagashima Invitational Sega Sammy Cup), Hokkaido Northern Village Golf Club, 150 million yen, D-Iwada Kiku (68-68-66-67/269, -19, leading 2 shots to win Dasao Zhichun);+

15) From July 20th to 23rd, the British Open (Overseas Grand Slam), Royal Liverpool, England, $ 14 million, D-Cameron Smith;

16) From July 27th to 30th, the Japanese Professional Golf Championship (Japan Grand Slam), the ENIWA Country Club (ENIWA COUNTRY CLUB), 150 million yen, D-Horicho Future Dream (66-6999-64-70/269, -15, lead 3 shots to defeat the film Okani);

17) From August 3rd to 6th, the Yokohama Future Port Championship (Yokohama Minato Championship ~ Fujiki Centennian ~), Kanagawa County Yokohama Rural Club, 100 million yen, new events;

18) From August 24th to 27th, the Sansan KBC Augusta Goller (Sansan KBC Augusta), Keya Golf Club, Fukuoka Prefecture, 100 million yen, D-He Benli (66-67-69–69-70/272, -17, leading 1 shot to defeat Li Shangye);

19) From August 31st to September 3rd, the Fujisankei Classic, Fuji Sakura Village Club, Yamani Prefecture, 110 million yen, D-Da Xue Dou (67-70-68-68/273,-11, the first one to catch the bird to catch the bird to defeat Park Xiangxian);

20) From September 7th to 10th, the SHINHAN DONGHAE Open (joint certification with the Korean tour), to be determined, 143,780,000 yen, D-Biga Yigui (66-63-70-65 (66-63-70-65-65/264, -20, leading 2 shots to defeat Zhao Yan, Shen Rongqiu, Tyrava);

21) From September 14th to 17th, ANA Open, Sapporo Golf Club Wattsu Course, Hokkaido Sapporo Golf Club, 100 million yen, D-槻 Zhichun (68-67-68-66/269, -19, the first one to shoot the eagle to defeat Ishikawa Liao);

22) From September 21st to 24th, Panasonic Open, Onotoyo Golf Club (Onoyo Golf Club), Hyogo County, 100 million yen, D-Cicada Chuan Tai Guo (71-68-61-66/266, -22, leading 1 shot to defeat Iwasaki Yajiu);

23) From September 28th to October 1st, the Vanteelin Tokai Classic (Miyoshi Country Club West Course), 110 million Japanese67-66-69/271, -13, leading 1 shot in Guizhou);

24) From October 5th to 8th, the ACN Championship Golf Tournament, it turns out that the Asia-Pacific Golf Championship Diamond Cup), the stadium is to be determined, 100 million yen, D-today;

25) From October 12th to 15th, the Japanese Open Golf Championship (Japan Grand Slam), Ibaraki Rural Club West Stadium, 210 million yen, D-Cicada Sichuan Tai Fruit (64-70-63-73-73/270, -10, leading 2 shots to victory over Big Jia); 26) from November 2nd to 5th, the ABC Championship (MyNavi ABC Championship), ABC Golf Club (ABC Golf Club), 120 million yen,D-Horikawa Future Dream (69-71-64-67/271, -17, leading 2 shots to win Iwada Kuan, Da Erlang, Hebenli for the paddy field);

27) From November 9th to 12th, Mitsui Sumitomo Visa Taiheiyo Masters, Mitsui Sumitomo Visa, Taiheiyo Club Gotemba Course, Shizuoka Prefecture, 200 million yen, D-Shichuan Liao (68 Liao (68-66-69-69/272, -8, the second plus hole grabbing birds defeat Hoshino Lu Ye);

28) From November 16th to 19th, Dunlop Phoenix Tournament, Phoenix Country Club (Phoenix (69-65-65-64-64 (69-65-65-64/263, -21, leading 3 shots to win Mito Perrara);

29) From November 23rd to 26th, the Casio World Open, Kochi Kuroshi Country Club (KOCHI KUROSHIO CLUB), 200 million yen, D-Jin Chan;

30) From November 30th to December 3rd, the Japanese series JT Cup (Golf Nippon Series JT Cup (Japan Grand Slam), Tokyo Tokyo Yomiuri Country Club, 130 million yen, D-Tayhara Hiroshi.

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