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Dafuyuan: Haifeng Chess Academy to fight women around the Chinese event organization is more reasonable

The article comes from Baijia Number: Dafuyuan

Chinese Go is indeed higher than South Korean Go. Not only the top chess player’s chess power is stronger than South Korea Go, but the organizational ability of the Go League is also stronger than that of Korean Go.

Judging from the scale of Go League, Chinese Go has a natural advantage over South Korea Go.

In the KB Go League in South Korea, the power of nine cows and two tigers has increased a new member, the Korean aluminum industry Go club. Coupled with the Japanese Chess Academy and the Taiwan Chess Academy, 12 KB Go League will participate in the 2022-2023 season.

The 12 clubs participating in the 2022-2023 season KB Go League include the defending champion, the defending champion, the Kawagawa team, the KIXX team, the Puxiang team, the Zhengguanzhuang team, the Korean price intelligence team, the Celltrion team, the government team, the COM2USTYGEM team, the Korean aluminum industry team, WONIK team, Japanese chess courtyard team, China Taiwan Chess Academy team.

In China ’s siege league, 16 Furniture Affairs Department has participated in the competition. Specific, including the Hangzhou team of Susbo, the Jiangsu Shen Beast Philippia, Jiangxi Jinshara Environmental Protection Team, Chongqing T23 team, Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank, Longyuan Mingcheng Hangzhou team, Shenzhen Longhua Team, Zhejiang Zhejiang Business Securities Team, Luzhou Maco Keke Team, Rizhao Shanhai Elephant Team, Jiajia Food Tianjin Team, Shanghai Jianqiao Academy Team, Lhasa Chess Institute, Kaifeng Yi Team, Minsheng Credit Card Beijing Team, Shanghai Qingyi Youth Team.

What’s more, there are huge Grade B and C clubs in Chinese Go?

From the perspective of the Go League, Chinese Go has also pushed Korean Go.

In the 2022 National Go Championship Women’s Team (Women’s Class B League), the Guangdong team and Chengdu Chess Institute team were promoted to women’s Go -level League.

see it? The fourth place is the Women’s Team of Haifeng Chess Academy (Taiwan Women’s Team). In other words, Chinese Go only allows Chinese Taiwanese girl Go team to participate in the women’s Go -level League.

It is of course fair and older than the Japanese Go team and the Taiwan Go team in China.

From the 2022 Qatar World Cup, we can find one point that the country’s professional league is the world’s top level.

Not to mention the five major European leagues, even Saudi Arabia can defeat the Argentine team with Messi. Compared to the Korean Go League, the Chinese Go League is really booming. Chinese Go has always pressed South Korea Go, which is reasonable.

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