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Curry selected the strongest lineup of history: his own magician Jordandek Shark

On December 9th, Beijing time, the Warriors star Stephen Curry accepted the “Sports Illustrated” referee and chose a set of the strongest lineup, including himself.

Curry was asked to bring himself with a set of historical best lineups. The answer given by Curry was: herself, magician, Jordan, Novitzki, O’Neal.

Curry said: “I will fight the control guard, the backcourt partner is a magician, and then Michael Jordan, and then I will choose Novitzki to open the space to shoot, and then a big man O’Neal. I think this lineup is very tough.”,”

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    User7782663118||User7782663118 12月 9, 2022 at 2:23 上午

    This plastic surgery space is insufficient, and it can be a battle of the battle

  2. Is there no brain in the spray? People say that they have to bring themselves.Look at your brains

  3. I really treat myself as shallots

  4. Is James defensive for a fork waist

  5. Reply
    BlankWhitegrid7768307074 12月 9, 2022 at 2:23 上午

    That nonsense

  6. Obviously you are superfluous [Laughing Cry]

  7. James and Durant are also called offense and defense?I vomited, a attack must be held, and a two people who have not scored the best defensive lineup are good for offense and defense?IntersectionDo you have any misunderstandings about offense and defense?

  8. The lineup is fine, more scientific than the simple superstar, but it is not the strongest lineup.Pippen is more reliable for you [laugh]

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    Phoenixdanceninedayso 12月 9, 2022 at 2:23 上午

    Kobe, James, Durant, Duncan, Orajwon, each is good for offense and defense

  10. Only James

  11. Just as the sunspots like you were killed in the 1990s

  12. The big striker was changed to Duncan, other no problems

  13. Definitely died and could not find the residue

  14. Victoria 2

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