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Curry reviewed 5 years to the finals: James has done it for 8 consecutive years

On November 24th, Beijing time, the Warriors star Stephen Curry participated in a show, reviewing the journey to the NBA finals for 5 consecutive years.

Curry once led the Warriors to reach the finals for five consecutive years in 2015 to 2019, three of which won the championship.

When the host said with emotion: “The playoffs are completely different from the regular season, and the second round, Western Conference and Finals are becoming more and more difficult. You can reach the finals for 5 consecutive years.”

Curry responded: “LeBron has played 8 consecutive years in a row, which will definitely stimulate our best level, but it will definitely be very tired.It is also two to three times the regular season. You need to make all kinds of preparations and need to be focused on spirit. “

When it comes to 5 consecutive years after the championship, whether the playoffs have not been able to win the championship last year, Curry said: “This problem is difficult, this is indeed helpful to us. From the beginning, let us figure out.What do you need to pay. “”

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  1. James not only has a rough appearance, but also has a wise heart, so he jumped and jumped four times. Essence Essence

  2. How many champions you have won

  3. It is not easy for others to get in the west, please give respect

  4. Who is the winning finals? Warriors, Spurs, Thunder … enough for you to fantasize

  5. Garnett, Ross, Howard, Pierce?

  6. The first time I saw someone blowing the runner -up is so fresh and refined

  7. Reply
    |氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵氵 11月 24, 2022 at 4:14 上午

    The runner -up is also the top three, which is what you can look up in this kind of goods?

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    |吾吾吾吾吾吾吾吾 11月 24, 2022 at 4:14 上午

    The eastern part is too weak. In the first round of the western region, the Pelicans also won the Warriors! At the finals, the Cavaliers were swept to lose the 60 -point record

  9. How did the final decision enter? Mathered the best players in the east to a team, and then crushed the lineup. Is the opponent pickled pepper? Lowry? DeRozan? Oladipo? Have you encountered MVP -level opponents? Have you met the best lineup for a while?

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    Thefaultypersonwhocannottouch 11月 24, 2022 at 4:14 上午

    So the other 28 teams are all rice buckets. How can I enable the total decision? How do you feel that Zhan Hei is a thief? Four championships steal? Have no money to eat?

  11. You are not qualified to go to the NBA scene, and say this.

  12. James needs to maintain fresh strong thighs to connect, and it is still weak at the time. Compared to the Kurubi in the finals, it is even more commendable. Jordan, Buckley, and Orajwon got a team, and it was not worth the finals for ten consecutive years.

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