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Curling World Championships Chinese Women’s Team Win South Korea Sweden and Russia to qualify in advance


Curling Women’s Team End in advance

Beijing time on March 22, the 2019 World Women’s Curling Championships continued in Sylkburg, Danish. The Chinese team composed of Ma Jingyi, Yao Yueyue, Mei Jie, Wang Rui, and Zhang Lijun overcome the passive passive backwardness of 4-7 backwardness. In the end, the scrollment was eventually staged with 11-9 to defeat Kim Minzhi’s Korean team, ranking fifth with 7 wins and 4 losses, and the top two in Sweden and Russia, locking in the top six in advance.

In this World Women’s Curling Championship, the Chinese team sent Meijie team. She served as third base. The fourth base was Wang Rui. The first base and the second base were Ma Jingyi and Yao Yueyue. Among the five players, Wang Rui has the most experienced experience. She participated in the four women’s World Championships and also fought in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Although Ma Jingyi participated for the first time, she had experience in the Winter Olympics. Yao Yueyue served as a substitute in the World Championship last year. Generally speaking, this is a young and energetic young team.

In the cycle, the Chinese team defeated Sweden, Finland, Scottish, Latvia and Danish in the first five games. Switzerland and the United States encountered a wave of three consecutive defeats, ranking fifth, and the section seats were in danger. After the game, the Chinese team coach Zhang Zhipeng admitted that it was the price that the young team must pay for the growth of the young team. He expects the girls to adjust as soon as possible to play the last two games.

In the second game of the loop match, the Chinese team faced the old opponent South Korea. In this World Championships, the South Korean team sent Kim Minzhi’s team. The 19 -year -old teenager made a rapid progress and is a genius player. In 2018, Jin Minzhi led the team to win the Pan -Pacific Championship championship and won the runner -up at the Ommaha Station of the Curling World Cup. This year, Kim Minzhi led a team to win the Curchium World Cup Sweden Yanxue Ping Station. Before the World Championships, she participated in the Big Winter Session held in Krasealusk, Russia, and finally won the silver medal.

This Danish World Championships, Jin Minzhi’s status is still good. The first show of the loop match defeated the defending champion Canada 7-6, and then defeated Russia and the United States. The team, 11 to 4 victory over the Japanese team, fell to the German team 9 to 5. After another three consecutive victories, the South Korean team suddenly lost its feel. In the face of the strength of its own strength, the Finnish team lost 3-8. The round defeated the Danish team 9-5, and currently ranked third with 7 wins and 2 losses. China and South Korea are very familiar with, and the Chinese team has a lot of losses, and they need to fight their opponents.

In the first game, the Chinese team threw the pot in the back. The players originally wanted to play a little simpler, but the third base of the South Korean team left the opportunity to give the Chinese team. Although Jin Minzhi tried to make up for it, his own feel is not good. Instead, the loopholes were magnified. Wang Rui took all the single, and got three points when he came up. In the second game, the Chinese team who threw the pot first was tightly defensive. The South Korean team only got one point, but in the third game, the South Korean team seized the mistakes of the Chinese team to steal a point.

In the fourth game, the Chinese team continued to throw the pot in the back. Jin Minzhi’s defensive denseness was unprepared. It was a world -class. Mei Jie and Wang Rui tried their best, but they still failed to break through the opponent’s defense. Essence In the fifth game, the Chinese team threw the pot in the first place, and Ma Jingyi occupied the middle area. Successfully locked five points. At the end of the first half, the Chinese team lags behind 4-7, and the situation is not very good.

After a brief rest, start the second half. In the sixth game, it was the Chinese team’s turn to throw the pot in the back. The girls were not affected. The Ma Jingyi border area occupied the position. Failure to block the hitting line of the Chinese team, Mei Jie cleared the opponent’s obstacle pot. Jin Minzhi made a mistake in throwing the pot twice. Wang Rui took a victory and successfully scored four points. The Chinese team continued to lead 8-7.

In the seventh game, the South Korean team scored only one point, but in the eighth inning, the Chinese team scored two points in the back. Wang Rui led the team to expand its leading advantage 10-8. In the ninth game, the South Korean team with a backwater battle attacked. The defense of the Chinese team was like a wall. It was difficult to be penetrated by the opponent. In this game, Jin Minzhi made his best, but he only got one point. In the tenth game, the Chinese team who thrown the pot in the back played steadily and scored one point smoothly. As a result, the South Korean team was defeated 11-9, and the seventh victory in the cycle game ended the three consecutive defeats.

In other game competitions at the same time, the Swiss team defeated the Japanese team 7-6, and the Swedish team, which had already qualified for, defeated the German team 8-3, and Russia defeated Scottish 7-4. On the 6th, Sweden ranked first in 9 wins and 1 loss, Russia ranked second in 8 wins and 3 losses. The two teams advanced to the top Sixth Section in advance. South Korea and Switzerland are ranked third in 7 wins and 3 losses, China is 7 wins and 4 losses, and Canada, Japan, and the United States are ranked sixth with 5 wins and 5 losses.

According to the schedule, at 21:00 on the evening of March 22, Beijing time, the Chinese Women’s Curling Team will face the last opponent of the last opponent in the loop. As long as the Chinese team defeats Japan, it can ensure that it will be available, otherwise it depends on the last two consequences of Canada, Japan and the United States.

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