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Curling Pan -Pacific Men’s Team winning the finals won the World Championship ticket


Chinese curling men’s team (data map)

Beijing time on November 9th, the 2018 Pan -Pacific Curchium Championship ended at the seventh day of the end of the Jiangling Curling Center in South Korea. The Chinese team composed of Jiang Dongxu, Shao Zhilin, Wang Zhiyu, and Zou Qiang defeated the defending champion South Korea with 9-6. The finalists will compete with the Japanese team. ; Women’s semi -finals, the Japanese team swept Hong Kong, China 13 to 3, and will compete with the South Korean team to the championship. The Chinese women’s team will compete with Hong Kong, China third place.

Men’s semi -final: China will defend the defending championship with the Japanese team

The Chinese team sent a lineup of Jiang Dongxu, the second base Shao Zhilin, the third base Wang Zhiyu, and the fourth base Zou Qiang in this competition. This set of teams showed a high level of competition. The new forces of Australia and New Zealand also defeated their opponents and ranked first with the unbeaten record of the Eight Worlds. In the semi -finals, the Chinese team faced the host South Korea. Although the opponent defeated the opponent in the first round of the cycle, the campaign could not be lightly enemy.

In the first game, the South Korean team was under great pressure, and there was a mistake in succession. The Chinese team got three points and gave the opponent a record. Although the South Korean team scored two points in the second game, the Chinese team first scored firstly and then scored a hand. One point, followed by two points before, in the fifth inning, the South Korean team was unwilling to show weakness, relying on the advantages of throwing the pot with a back of the back, and after halftime, the Chinese team maintained a leading leader with 6 to 4.

In the second half of the game, the Chinese team suddenly lost its feel and was suppressed by the South Korean team. At the critical moment, Zou Qiang’s throwing pot made a mistake. , The turning point appears in the ninth inning. The Chinese team with the pot throwing the pot adopts the tactics of the border area. Jiang Dongxu, Shao Zhilin, Wang Zhiyu, and Zou Qiang cooperated with each other, scored two points in one fell swoop, defeated the South Korean team 9-6, and the finals were finalized. At the same time, both China and Japan will also win the 2019 men’s curling World Championships.

In another semi -final, the Japanese team faced the Dark Horse New Zealand team. At the beginning, the Japanese team rely on two points to get two points. The New Zealand team did not show weakness and scored one point in two consecutive games. After 2 draws, the Japanese team completely grasped the initiative of the game. Although the fourth inning scored only one point, the three innings continued to steal points in the next three games. The New Zealand team was unable to return to heaven. In the eighth inning, only one point was scored. The Japanese team in the ninth game scored a point and eventually defeated the New Zealand team 8-3.

Women’s semi -final: Japan sweeps Hong Kong, China will compete with the South Korean team

The Japanese team led by Fujisawa has won the 2016 World Championships and the Bronze Medal of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and has created history for Japanese curling. In this competition, the Japanese women’s team performed quite strongly. The circular game defeated the Chinese and South Korean teams in a row, ranking first with an undefeated record. In the semi -finals, the Japanese women’s team faced the Hong Kong team of China, and the latter was limited to create a threat to the Japanese team.

In this game, the Japanese team suppressed the opponent. Fujisawa showed its excellent control ability in May. The offensive end was obviously better than the opponent. After the first game, he threw two points in his hand. In a point, get a dream start with 7-0. The Chinese Hong Kong team in the fourth game scored one point. In the next three innings, the Japanese team staged a good score again. After the fifth inning scored two points, two consecutive points were stolen in the sixth and seventh innings. Leading far from 1. After the Chinese Hong Kong team scored two points in the eighth inning, they chose to shake hands in advance. In the end, the Japanese team laughed at the end with 13 to 3. Fisting in the finals will compete with the host South Korea. Eligibility.

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