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Cui Jing Sheng Sheng Jin Caiying has won 1000 innings for the first crown career in the New Year

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Reporter Xie Rui reported on January 7th, the third game of the 4th G Dr. Cup Women in South Korea, the third game of the strongest battle of the five chess games.In the final, winning the first crown of the New Year.

From the beginning of this year’s strongest battle, in the cycle of the eight people, Cui Jingjiu and Jin Caiying seven sections were 5 wins and 2 losses, giving the final rights.Wu Yizhen’s nine sections, Park Zhijuan’s sixth section, Kim Ener held five sections, and Xu Ruizheng three sections were 4 wins and 3 losses, and had to fight to retain the circular seat seat.In the combination, after Kim Ener defeated Xu Ruizheng, he founded a new record (94); Wu Yizhen retired from the chess industry for his opponent Park Zhijuan.In the last game, Wu Yizhen wins Jin En and can stay in the circular circle.

In the finals of the final, Cui Jing was winning in the first two games.In the third game, Jin Caiying’s single soldiers in the back of the water suddenly entered the black array next to the right. In the adversity of the absolute disadvantage, she chose a quite psychedelic battle. As a result, Cui Jing did not make a very dazzling one.The number of counts is just a normal response, and it is about to cover the big piece of White, and it will easily win.At the end of the game, Cui Jing had a reserved time of 56 minutes and 54 seconds.

At this point, Cui Jing is already the three crowns, namely: women’s chess saint, women’s national player and women’s strongest battles.This is also her 25th professional chess championship since 2010. Among them, the World Championship is 7 championships and 18 domestic chess fights.

This game is exactly the official game of Cui Jing’s career 1000th. The total record is 696 wins and 304 losses (69.6%).In 2022, Cui Jing made a total of 105 chess chess, 78 wins and 27 losses, and the winning percentage was 74.3%. According to this momentum, she entered the professional chess player “Thousands of Wins Club” for 5 years.

In the professional chess industry, 1000 wins are “dreams of dreams.”Since the introduction of professional Go and modern Go system in 1945, only 14 people in the Korean chess industry in 77 have achieved thousands of wins.On January 2nd, the 34 -year -old Jiang Dongrun Jiudi became the latest member of the “Thousands of Wins Club”.After defeating Kim Tingxian’s eight sections in the pre -election finals of the new MZ Super Failure Tournament in South Korea on January 2, Jiang Dongrun became the 15th Qiandian chess player in South Korea. To this end, the Korean Chess Academy specifically produced a 1000 winning sign for him.Care.

It is expected to reach 1,000 wins in the next step. Park Tingzheng’s nine sections. Originally, he had reached 991 wins in December 2022, but since then he has only two chess chess and 1 win and 1 loss. At present, his career is 1356.992 wins 364 losses, and the winning rate is as high as 73%.

It is expected that in February 2023, Park Tingyu can achieve thousands of wins, which costs 16 years and 9 months. It is a chess player who has achieved at least the second one after Lee Chang Ho’s ninth paragraph (14 months).Essence

Among the Chinese chess players, Guli Nine Section reached a career 1,000 victory target on May 18, 2016. At that time, he carried out a total of 1503 sets, 1,000 wins, 500 losses and 3 victory. This is also the official record of Chinese Go.A thousand wins.

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