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CTCC Macau’s first battle launched the SAIC Volkswagen 333 team steadily forward

On November 19th, SAIC Volkswagen 333 team brought Jiang Tengyi, Xie Xinzhe, Gao Huayang, and Lu Wenhu four tigers to attack the first round of the 69th Grand Macau Macau Automobile Cup -CTCC China Auto Field Professional League. On the famous Dongwangyang runway, the SAIC Volkswagen 333 team successfully finished the match, and this weekend has made positive progress.

Dongwangyang all the way to charge, Lingdu L safely break through the barrier

The Dongwangyang runway, which is mixed with the streets and narrow mountain roads, is famous for its thrilling stimulus. The small fault -tolerant space and the changeable rhythm comprehensively test the driver’s car skills and guts, as well as the control and power of racing. Under the severe test, the SAIC Volkswagen 333 team will drive Lingdu L to meet the difficulties. After the start of the game, Gao Huayang, who departed from the back, rose to the fourth place in the Super Cup. In the stadium that was frequent, Gao Huayang maintained the rhythm steadily, and finally finished the fifth place in the Super Cup.

In the Saturday’s qualifying, Xie Xinzhe departed from 18th. After the start of the first lap, he overtaken all the way to the 10th place in the audience, and continued to climb in the subsequent competition. Finally, he completed the first time to look at the first time in the super cup.

Lu Wenhu started from the 16th place today. After the start of the game, he also wore the thorns all the way, and finally finished the eighth place in the 8th place in the Super Cup.

General style, move forward steadily

The SAIC Volkswagen 333 team successfully completed the first round of this site, accumulated more valuable data and experience, and released positive signals as a whole. Gao Huayang believes that fighting in Macau is mainly stable: “Our mileage in Macau is still too short. Every time the track time is precious practice and test opportunities. Both have made progress. I am still exploring the “temper” of this track, and the limit of the vehicle, and playing with a steady attitude. What is gratifying is that I have been practicing, qualifying to the main game, and the speed is all. Improved, today I saw that I and their opponents were running at the synchronous rhythm and made positive progress. “

For the first time to come to the well -known Dongwangyang runway, Xie Xinzhe was satisfied with his overall performance: “This is my first game in Macau. Considering that the preparation time is relatively short, I am still satisfied with my overall performance. What. In the current lack of mileage in the track, I can finish the race today and find a lot of new inspiration for driving. It is very rare! In the second round, I will still accumulate precious points in stability and security. Make me a step closer to the annual champion! “

In the first round, the SAIC Volkswagen 333 team will welcome the second round of the Macau Automobile Cup, the CTCC China Auto Field Vocational League on Sunday. Can SAIC Volkswagen 333 team drivers welcome breakthroughs? Stay tuned!

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