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CTCC has left a strong stroke in the history of the Grand Macau Grand Macau.

On November 20th, with the wave of the Founder Banner in the last group, the 69th Macau Grand Michard Racing officially came to an end -CTCC China Auto Field Professional League and TCR ASIA International Automobile Asia Series today today It also made a perfect end to this trip to the east. Twenty drivers from 5 countries and regions presented the high standards of Chinese racing in front of the world audiences in the four -day and two round events. CTCC has left a strong stroke in the history of the Grand Macau Grand Macau.

Historically, a number of records refresh

This year is the first time that CTCC has appeared as an independent event in the Grand Macau Macau Race. The prestige of the Dongwangyang runway and the professional guarantee of CTCC allowed SAIC Volkswagen Lingdu L, Lingke 03 TCR, MG5 XPower TCR brand brand and more than 20 racing players to go to dream of Dongwangyang, Zhu Daiwei and Wang Risheng The four Macau champions of Zhang Zhiqiang and Robert Huff gathered, adding a lot of gold content to this event.

After the fierce battle in the two rounds, the “King of Macau” Holf, who returned to the CTCC stage, harvested the 11th win of individuals on this track, and Zhang Zhiqiang boarded the highest podium for Grand Macau Macau for the third time. Gao Huayang’s first show, Dongwangyang received his first trophy in Macau. As the competitive state continued to heat up, Hoff set the fastest circle of this site in the second round at 2: 32.997. He also won the Michelin Star Award for the competition with this score.

High -level duel, champion face face to face

The fierce competition in the second round of today is compared to the day before yesterday. Zhang Zhiqiang, the driver of Shell Gakai, who competed with the CTCC Super Cup in the same field, quickly occupied the leading position after the departure. The MG XPower team’s Heff lived in the back. In the last few circles, the two Macau champion drivers staged several rounds of high -level kung fu. In the end, Zhang Zhiqiang resisted the opponent’s violent attack and harvested his third crown in Macau. Hefu won the runner -up of this round of the game, and also included other championships in the Super Cup group; the SAIC Volkswagen 333 team Gao Huayang’s game can be described as twists and turns. Cracking, eventually finishing the third place in the third place, gained the first Macau awards podium. MG XPower team’s third place in the Super Cup and TCR ASIA group.

Zhang Zhiqiang enjoys a fight against the world champion on the stage of Macau. After the game, he excitedly said to us: “I was very happy to win the championship in the end, and the world champion Hoff started a wonderful offensive and defensive battle at the end. Too many accidents, this gives us the best stage, we all enjoy such a game. “

CTCC is deeply involved, and the United States of the United States blooms comprehensively

This year, the 69th Grand Macau Grand Macau is a world -renowned event. Once upon a time, the Dongwangyang runway was the holy place where the mainland racers looked at it. The legends of the first exposure of the F1 world champion and the battle of Nissan GT-R, etc., have made fans talk about fans, but these legendary stories are written by drivers and manufacturers from Hong Kong and Macao and even foreign drivers and manufacturers.

But after entering the 2010s, with this situation, it was gradually rewritten by CTCC. Since 2014, CTCC has begun to send drivers to Macau. From the participants who are mainly studying, Zhang Zhiqiang and Ma Qingzheng have become the popularity of bidding in recent years, and now they have become one of the seven major competitions of the Macau competition, CTCC and CTCC Mainland drivers have become the main force of the Macau team. In recent years, the continuous appearance of Chinese automakers such as Lingke, Changan, SAIC MG, and SAIC Volkswagen has gradually made Dongwangyang runway the best stage for Chinese automobile manufacturers to show the Chinese automotive industry. CTCC has a deep mainland brand for the legendary Dongwangyang runway.

If you look at the entire event, we can still see the drivers who have grown up from the CTCC arena in this competition. The champion driver Wan Jincun, a champion driver introduced by CTCC this year, fought in the Macau road challenge. From the tenth place, he devoted us to an unforgettable overtaking scene for us and once ranked first. The second round of the East Watching Contest on Sunday, Su Sha and Zhen Zhuowei in the first three cars also came from the well -known battle in the CTCC arena. As a Chinese professional racing platform, CTCC always shoulder the training of drivers and promote the level of Chinese racing competition. Many drivers cultivate professional literacy and strong strength in CTCC, and then move towards higher levels. It is precisely because of the professionalization and long -term development plan of CTCC that the scale of mainland drivers and independent brands in Macau today.

In addition, CTCC’s in -depth participation this year has brought professional super cup cars to the Macau Automobile Cup and TCR racing that is popular all over the world, replacing the private modification cars in previous years, and attracting Chinese and foreign professional drivers and strength manufacturers to participate. The followers of that year became the rules of the rules today. If the Macau race is inherited by historical culture, the addition of CTCC has helped the race in the direction of the competition in line with the Chinese car market, and more conforms to the trend of automobile movements in the new era.

Deepen regional cooperation and promote regional integration

Macau China is one of the two special administrative regions of my country. Since the return, the Macau Special Administrative Region Government will maintain national sovereignty, security, development interests, and maintaining the long -term prosperity and stability of Macau to develop into one of the most developed and rich regions in the world.

Before the contest, He Yicheng, Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region, published the “2023 Financial Policy Report” in the Legislative Council, which mentioned that it is necessary to develop and expand the power of patriotism and love Australia, and promote high -quality development such as the business and trade of the Cultural Tourism Association. Deepen regional cooperation and promote cooperation in key areas of Guangdong -Australia, Beijing, Australia, Shanghai Australia, and Sichuan and Australia. Promote the construction of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, actively participate in the construction of the “Belt and Road”, and pragmly promote the construction of the “one platform”.

CTCC has always been a demonstration event to promote regional integration and promote exchanges and cooperation. In this visit to Macau, CTCC copied the complete ecology of the league’s competition, the participating lineup, and the business model to the special zone. During the competition, many outstanding mainland drivers and racing practitioners exchanged and cooperated with masters in Hong Kong and Macao and even around the world; mainland car manufacturers such as Lingke, SAIC MG, and SAIC Volkswagen completed the trials of world -renowned tracks and got from home and abroad. The attention of the car scene; the majority of mainland audiences have also seen the charm and style of Macau through the live broadcast of CTCC events and media reports. It is in the wonderful competition and friendly interaction that the two places have deepened the connection and enhanced communication.

As for the appearance and in -depth participation of CTCC partners such as Michelin and NGK, they have created more possibilities for cooperation and economic construction in the two places, and responded to the deepening regional cooperation policy of the SAR government. CTCC has upgraded from the original participation to the complete platform and business model of displaying events in Macau, and has also deepened the racing industry exchanges in various regions.

The historic Macau Campaign has ended successfully, and CTCC is about to enter the final decisive moment. Let’s wait for the end of the annual end of the year.

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