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Croatia coach: rejected the Chinese club’s 30 million Euros offer

Recently, in an interview, Croatian coach Dalich talked about the 18 -year World Cup, he rejected a 30 million Euros contract from China.

“I received a quotation from China, and they told me to take advantage of the momentum (World Cup runner -up) to get money. After the World Cup, I stayed and we kept talking about unity and patriotism. If you pursue money, then then, then you pursue money, thenWhat kind of information would you convey to the young people of Croatia and everyone? Say one thing in your mouth, but do another thing.

“I am a rich person, I don’t want to say materially, but I have solved everything in my life, a family, two talented children.

Dalic continued: “They gave me a three -year contract for 10 million euros per year. I declined. After half a year, the club came again. I refused again, I did not leave the Croatian country because of the money.Team. I never regret it, I am proud of this decision. “

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  1. It is really accurate: Here are more people who are stupid money

  2. I can only go back with a white strip when they are here

  3. No, after the 18th seasons, the price of Boss Wanda Wang was said to have negotiated, but later he shocked the Croatian female president when he resigned to the Croatian Football Association.The president kicked him in person and asked him to have a meal, so that he changed his mind [Smile]

  4. No, after the 18th season, the price of Boss Wanda Wang reported that he had negotiated, but then he later resigned to the Croatian Football Association to work.Frequent the female president of Croatian. The president took the cook and asked him to have a meal, so that he changed his mind

  5. That local tyrant gave it so much, 18 years, it ’s still, edited ~~~

  6. Black!

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