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Cristiano Ronaldo’s clothes room watching the race while riding and scoring Taliska applauded by the goal

Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet performed the first show in Liadin, but he witnessed the team in the locker room on Friday.

On Friday, Riyadh victory at home to Altai and Talist Camers twice, and eventually Riyadt won 2-0 victory over Altai.

During the team, Cristiano Ronaldo was riding a bicycle exercise in the locker room.After Taliska scored, Ronaldo applauded and congratulated while riding a bicycle.

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  1. You are here to hide, the ball is lost, you do n’t grab, the ball enters you applaud, do you head coach?

  2. It is difficult to play so much for you

  3. [good] [good]

  4. Luo Luo output in the wind is still immortal, there is no way …Laughing Cry] [Laughing CRY] [Laughing Cry] [Laughing Cry]

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    FlyingFlyingCaiEveningStar88 1月 7, 2023 at 2:17 上午

    The screws that no one wants in the whole state of the state should be seen, what is sick is you, it is not important to put it, it is placed in the entertainment section, it is placed in the entertainment section, it is placed in the entertainment section,You will also open two sentences, is it [laughing cry] [laughing cry] [laughing cry]

  6. Dalang never shot [laugh]

  7. Hurry up to the Saudi section … | |

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  9. Is there a sick, why put it in the Ligue 1?

  10. The career attitude is very good!

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