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Cristiano Ronaldo was assigned to the bench to continue to sit on the bench for Morocco

Portugal to the World Cup in Morocco, Ronaldo may be a substitute again.Young player Gonzalo Ramos’s hat-trick in the match against Switzerland surprised the head coach Fernando Santos, and he will start again.

Portugal is already preparing for Moroccan games.At the same time, the team was involved in many disruptive and stable disputes, and all of these disputes surrounded Ronaldo.

According to the Global Daily, Portugal conducted training on Thursday, and Santos divided the training into two players and substitute players.The same media reported that Ronaldo was assigned to the bench.

Therefore, everything shows that Ronaldo will continue to sit on the bench in the next match against Morocco.

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  1. This is disrespect for Ronaldo!

  2. What does the cup have to do with the water dispenser?

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench with the effect of gas balloon, it is more conducive to the Portuguese team

  4. The two retreats, the two retreat, and retreat.Then licked his face and came in again.EssenceEssenceHahaha

  5. Oh, Morocco dangerous

  6. After studying the tactics of Morocco, it was found that Luo was on

  7. Where is the sister of the snail?Come out and put a P!

  8. Take a cup is more important than anything, relax the mentality

  9. Right, have thighs to retreat, haha

  10. Cristiano Ronaldo If you do not change the kick, it is estimated that there is really no way outIn terms of kicking, the ball control is too bad. Often, you can only touch the ball to play the ball back to the person who passes to him, which is useless.Not to mention whether there is any strength to rob, the ball controls the ball, it is not suitable for being a bridgehead, and there is no breakthrough skill on the side.In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo has a good skill. However, he wants to score a personal goal. The important thing is that he cannot control the ball. There will be no way out.The group did not come out to spray, but the Portuguese coach did not respect Ronaldo.How can you be silent!

  11. Sister Luo should post again [Yun Bei]

  12. will not be the same as someone.It ’s not that my snails are not excellent, but Portugal is too strong. I claim to be the first and third king in history to be a substitute. Sitting on a cold bench, watching a water dispenser, and Portugal do not win the championship.

  13. Seeing the water dispenser is also physical work!

  14. Yes, it took 90 minutes in the last game, too tired

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