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Cristiano Ronaldo was asked Messi for Golden Globe: Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in history!


Cristiano Ronaldo obtained Serie A MVP last season

Kristiano-Ronaldo’s agent George Montes insisted that Ronaldo was the best player in football history.

Mendes said this at the Awards Ceremony of the Awards of the Serie A year in Milan. Cristiano Ronaldo was absent from the Golden Globe Awards in Paris and appeared in Milan to receive the Best Player Award of the Year A.

When the reporter who was present asked Messi to get the sixth golden ball and the total number of golden balls surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo, Mendes replied: “Christiano is the best player in history, and you know this!”

For Mendes’ answers, netizens talked about it.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is not even the best one in Ronaldo”

“Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely a special player, but the best history is definitely not him, he is far away.”

“Ronaldo always performed in the heavy competition. In my opinion, it made him peak, although I don’t like him.”

“In this era, Ronaldo is the best, but it is not in history. I have been watching the ball since the late 1960s. Bailey, Cruyf, Beckenbauer, and Maradona are in front of him. There may be George Best. “

“Maradona is the best history, and then Messi.”

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