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Cristiano Ronaldo update social media: A very united team will not be broken by external forces

On Thursday, Cristiano Ronaldo updated his social networking website account to cheer for the Portuguese team.

Cristiano Ronaldo wrote on social networking sites: “A very united team cannot be broken by external forces. A very brave country will not be frightened by any opponent. A real team will fight for dreams,Until the end! Believe us! Come on! “Come on!”

Just on Thursday, Portugal’s “Records” said that Ronaldo was dissatisfied with the substitute in Switzerland and threatened to leave the team in front of the head coach, but the Portuguese Football Association denied the relevant rumors.

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  1. This is not broken by external forces but may collapse from the inside.Intersection

  2. He wants to leave the team.EssenceI ca n’t ask for it

  3. Yes, I ’m in trouble, and I’ m most afraid of being a demon inside.I am going to be a demon again?

  4. Correctly breaks from the inside.[Yun Bei]

  5. Reply
    resistantisGongmingRecently 12月 9, 2022 at 2:10 上午

    External force refers to your sister?

  6. If a team wants to unite, there should be no Ronaldo

  7. If Sanchez does not bring you, just like Spain without Raul, Portugal has no murmur at all.

  8. Internet celebrities are really abominable

  9. I have posted it with Manchester United how many times, and he was just a blessing every day., Be a demon.EssenceEssence

  10. The sense of existence of net red is strong, occupation.

  11. You shouted the grievance for a mouse to cross the street.

  12. Tea cup

  13. A group of boring spray

  14. A listening rumor, you do n’t do it too much, there is a minimum knowledge you do, too sad

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