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Cristiano Ronaldo: Teng Hah has always wanted to drive me away from provoking me Manchester United

In an interview with Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo expressed dissatisfaction with Teng Hahh: “He did not do anything else to all players, and something happened that people did not know. My resonance with the coach was not good. Respect me by way. “

“When he did not let me play in Manchester City’s competition, and said that it was due to respect? Excuse, pale and weak excuses. (For Tottenham) I regret leaving Old Trafford in advance, but at the same time, the coach is also the head coach. Provoking me. This is why I said disrespect for him, because he did not respect me. Sympathy does not exist. “

Some frustrated Ronaldo said, “Maybe I didn’t have the motivation a few months ago.”

Even his son Mini Luo was surprised by what happened to him. Ronaldo said: “My son Christianno asked me, if I was the best player in the world, why would I be punished. Manchester United’s communication is very disappointed. I think this is shameful. At some point, I think this is the club’s strategy, which makes me have such a reaction to force me to leave. I feel betrayed. People must hear the truth. This is not only this year, but also last year. “The Portuguese accused.

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  1. In addition to the possibility of super existence in Cambodia

  2. I tear up my face from Cristiano Ronaldo, I guess he must not be ready to stay in Manchester United, or he has found the next family. This bald is not a good generation, forcing Cristiano Ronaldo to leave the team with a villain. If Ronaldo has any mistakes, maybe retired earlier to the world is slowly successful.

  3. It has long been said that after the get out of class, Ronaldo should be the king of Ronaldo, and concurrently served as a head coach.

  4. I also know that Manchester United knows to drive him away. The key is to catch up with you. No team wants you.

  5. 1-6 also change you, you will say that Manchester United is humiliating you. Fortunately, the director of the horse factory is changed, otherwise how Manchester United will catch up with 3-6, and you will only continue to complain about his teammates when you go up.

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    Runningmilk||..|JZHAO67797 11月 18, 2022 at 2:19 上午

    His son said there is no problem. He said that if he is the best player in the world, he will not be punished. You product

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    SystemPlayersCurrentBook 11月 18, 2022 at 2:19 上午

    can only be said to be sold by JP Morgan. The problems everywhere are traps and induction. Compared with reporters, you are too young

  8. The coach who cannot cater to Lishuo is not a good coach!

  9. I think of the sea when I see you.

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