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Cristiano Ronaldo said that this young people’s mentality is not good. Is this true or blame?


Cristiano Ronaldo can’t understand young people?

In the league cup, the total cup was injured, and Ronaldo got a rare rest time during this time.

Since returning to Manchester United, the Portuguese and Manchester United have encountered disadvantages. The record declined, Solskia got out of class, and the temporary coach Ronnick took office.

As a result, Cristiano Ronaldo, who was busy, accepted a number of media interviews during this time. Among them, on the layout of the “Sun”, there was a Ronaldo’s view on the existing young people:

“I remember when I was 18 years old, some older players talked to me. I would accept their opinions and then improved, because their experience was more experienced than us, and they had more bad moments.”

“But for the new generation of players, you criticize them and they will not accept it. I also have children, so I know that they do the opposite. If you don’t want my help and suggestion, do your work well, do your best to do your work, do your best Let’s help the team. “

Considering the consistent credibility of the “Sun”, this sentence cannot be ruled out that this sentence is the possibility of their own fabrication.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo’s view of the mentality of Manchester United’s existing players also appeared in his interview with Sky Sports. When asked if it could shrink the gap with the first three in an incorrect mentality, Ronaldo replied to cut off the iron

“Impossible, I think this is the point.”

“I think you want to build some beautiful things. You must destroy something.”

“I believe that if we change our thinking, we will have some great achievements.”

It happened that the poor performance of Rashford’s performance in the FA Cup he was absent, which caused the criticism and doubts of the fans and the media to the fans and the media.

Since the back fracture in January 2020, Rashford’s performance has never been able to return to the state before the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. It has been wounded for more than half a year. After a long absence of the Ministry of Surgery, he failed to save Solska’s handsome position.

Nowadays, even Langnick can’t understand where his problem appeared, because the training performance was good, he got the starting lineup of entering the FA Cup. In Ronnick’s view, perhaps he needed a goal to boost confidence.

However, in the face of potential shooting opportunities, he did not try to try:

Such a performance also made many English and Manchester United began to worry about the state of this former British Emperor.

Some people suggested that Rashford relaxes a little, and some people recommend Rashford to find a psychologist, while Berbatov suggested Rashford to find Ronaldo and Kavani.

“If there are some experienced stars in the team, idols of world football, such as Ronaldo, then ask his opinions, I believe he will give a lot of intelligent suggestions.”

“Cavani can contribute to the goal no matter where he goes. I think he should also talk to Cavani.”

Belbatov revealed in the article that when he played the ball, because of his shy personality, he rarely asked the old players’ opinions, so he suggested that Rashford, “Don’t communicate with my teammates like me, do not communicate with teammates. Because this bad state will continue. “

Not every young player, there are opportunities such as Rashford, but not every young player, they will seize this opportunity.

After the rise of social media, it became a very simple thing, especially for the current young players, only need to score a few goals and get a few opportunities for games. Their number of fans on social media will It will grow sharply.

The number of these fans is full of opportunities to monetize.

“Before a player, he didn’t think of money until the day of retirement, but now some players are looking forward to getting rich overnight before the first show of some players.”

The scene what Mourinho said in the interview has now become the norm.

Rashford has strength, which is why Van Gal promotes him to the same team, and he can quickly seize the opportunity and break the door.

With a few years of excellent performance, Rashford has earned a lot for himself, which allows him to improve the lives of himself and his family. In a complicated moment, he also needs more people to help him handle more things.

During the epidemic, Rashford devoted himself to charity activities, which gave him praise outside the field, but this also made the team around him more and more complicated. The existence of these people can maintain and cultivate his image of public opinion. , But at the football level, this may not be a good thing, because Mourinho also said:

“Young players have their own ‘servants’ around them. These ‘servants’ are around the players, give them more care, and find various excuses for their mistakes, which makes it difficult for players to mature.”

In their mouths, it may be bad luck, maybe the teammates are too bad, it may be that the coach’s tactics are wrong, and the club may not have ambitions.

These servants never say “this may be your own problem.”

If people around you are inherited you, the criticism of goodwill in the eyes of the parties may become malicious slander. In such a mentality, it is difficult to get out of the predicament and make progress. Perhaps it can be found in the problem after many years.

At that time, it may be too late.

The football world is never smooth.

Strong, such as Ronaldo and Cavani, have also experienced their respective moments in their respective careers. It is difficult for fans to remember these things, but they are very clear.Therefore, these seniors may have encountered the problems encountered by Rashford. The methods they put forward may not be right, but they can always provide another idea for young people with the tip of the cow.

According to the “Telegraph” report, Rashford has been soaked in the training ground in recent days, trained 3 times a day, and specially asked Cristiano Ronaldo on his muscle problems.

This may be the starting point of Nirvana’s rebirth.

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