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Cristiano Ronaldo is still the most headache for Manchester United


What’s wrong with Manchester United?

“Look at today’s performance, if I say we 100%believe that we will enter the top four, I don’t know if fans will believe it.”

In an interview with the BBC after the game, Langnick, who had lost his first defeat since he took office, raised this problem. For Manchester United fans who stayed up late to watch the ball, the answer was obviously doomed.

If the Wolves’ performance is slightly better, they can have created more offensive threats, and on Manchester United, Breon’s shot in the pillar is indeed poorly lucky, but for Langnick, this is also his after the game. The only offensive highlights that can be mentioned:

In this offense, Sang Qiao, who should not throw the ball outside the world, threw the ball outside. It was not much to participate in the assists and entered the penalty area to enter the penalty area. Essence

It looks quite threatening, but it is actually very dangerous, because once this offense is not completed, McTomina will become the only midfielder who restricts the opponent’s counterattack in the middle. In front of the offense.

In this game, Phil Jones, who Jiu Shu, was praised by everyone, which shows that his performance is very critical, but the defender is actually not a good thing, just like De Gehia often won the most season in the season. The good players are the same.

This shows that there are many problems with the team’s frontcourt, especially on the front line.

In this game, Langnick discharged the same lineup as the last 3-1 victory in Bernley.

The advantage of this starting lineup is the significant improvement of confrontation capabilities. Martic, Luke Shaw and Wan Wan-Pescica are stronger than Fred, Tryles and Dalolot in the same position. The ball right is better.

Correspondingly, Langnick spoke after the match of 1-1, 1-1:

“In the Premier League, if you want to be competitive, you must have physical confrontation, but we don’t do so in the game many times.”

“Today’s problem is not in the formation, but not enough aggression. We can do better and we must do so. We should not make excuses. We are not enough pressure on our opponents, including when there is a ball and no ball, we we have no ball, we are without a ball, we are without a ball, we do Consider what way you should use to play. “

In his opinion, the reason why Manchester United failed to defeat Newcastle was the lack of confrontation and aggression.

3-1 defeating Berneli proved the effectiveness of this lineup, but by today, when against the Wolves, the team’s advantage in confrontation has not been reflected, especially in Ronaldo:

In this promotion process, Ronaldo was obviously in the open position, but after receiving the pass from Sang Qiao, Kirman was immediately knocked down.

In the Premier League’s penalty system. Such actions would not be fouled by blowing, so they immediately became a wolf team’s defense.

In Ronnick’s tactical system, this is difficult to be accepted, especially considering his center when he coached the first team last time, it is a Almighty center such as Porton with both confrontation and running capabilities.

Can Ronnick put Ronaldo in a bench? Can Cristiano Ronaldo exclude the big list of the game? Except for Ronaldo, who can do a similar job in the formation? The answers were all impossible, so after the against Bernley, Langnick came in handy Cavani.

“From the first day I came to the team, I told him that he was a very important player in the team, and he was the only striker to return to the penalty area to defend the defense area.”

Cavani’s running ability allowed him and Cristiano Ronaldo to make up for a Almighty striker.

However, in this way, the four people behind them actually assume the duties of five people, including receiving midfield passing, completion of forward advancement, passing connection to the front line, and the first two games.

And as Langnick said in the game against Newcastle, you have to have the courage and ability to confront, but many of Manchester United midfielders are type and characteristic. No confrontation, either like Martic, there is no running.

Bernley only comes to the front line with a long -term connection, but the Wolves are a team based on European continent. The premise.

So Martic and McTomina’s lack of running immediately exposed, just like in the throwing ball, they can only move back and forth between the ball and the defender, but it is difficult to exert the actual effect:

In this game, Langnick’s decision to replace Greenwood was questioned by many people, and he also responded to the outside world’s questioning of the decision after the game.

He said that the team lost control at that time, so the latter chose the latter between Cavani and Greenwood. The reason for him, not Cavani, is precisely because he cannot remove Ronaldo and his partner. If he leaves Greenwood, the team’s frontcourt will become like a against Newcastle:

Acts have control and cannot create an offensive advantage.

Therefore, this game seems to be a defeat caused by Manchester United Double Midfield. The place where it really lost balance is Cristiano Ronaldo.

He must be bundled with Cavani, otherwise he will completely lose its effect in the frontcourt, which will make Manchester United facing tremendous pressure behind him. Some midfielders can’t do this at all.

In this way, it is difficult for Manchester United to enter the top four ranks, so Manchester United must find the Almighty center that meets Langnick in the transfer market.It can greatly alleviate existing problems.Otherwise, it is difficult to have hope.

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