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Cristiano Ronaldo INS has the strongest ability to attract gold on the strongest capability of gold to make a post earning 1.6 million US dollars

Cristiano Ronaldo, 36, is still amazing. According to the statistics of Hopper HQ, social media marketing company, Ronaldo is the person with the strongest profitability on the social networking site Instagram in 2021. Each of his advertising posts has more income than anyone.

It is reported that Cristiano Ronaldo issued an advertising post on INS to charge $ 1.6 million in advertising fees. This statistics began in 2017. This is also the first time that Ronaldo has the top list. He defeated the Hollywood superstar Johnson Johnson, which can earn 1.52 million US dollars for each advertising post.

Cristiano Ronaldo has 308 million fans on INS and is the most famous celebrity in the world. Among the top 10 celebrities in INS advertising, only Messi is a football player. Each Argentine star can charge 1.16 million US dollars in each advertising post, ranking 7th.

Attach the top 10 list and the advertising value of each post

1.C Luo ($ 1.6 million)

2. Boulder Johnson ($ 1.52 million)

3. Alianna Grand ($ 1.51 million)

4. Kelly Jenna ($ 1.49 million)

5. Selina Gomez ($ 1.46 million)

6. Gold Card Dai Shan ($ 1.41 million)

7. Messi ($ 116 million)

8. Byonce ($ 114 million)

9. Justin Bieber ($ 111,000)

10. Kentar Jenna ($ 1.05 million)

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