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Cristiano Ronaldo: I want to win the first army of Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi recently took a advertisement for a certain brand. In the picture, the peerless double pride of the football played on the box.It is reported that this picture is synthesized, and the two did not take pictures together.In any case, such pictures make fans very excited.

37 -year -old Ronaldo said to this: “I want to be a player of” General ‘Messi. This happened in chess. If it is in football, it will be very wonderful. “

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi have ruled football for more than 10 years. Who is the best topic in history.In this regard, Ronaldo said: “Even if I win the World Cup, the debate will continue. Some people like me, some people don’t like me, this is like life, some people like blonde girls, and some people like black -haired girls.”

Cristiano Ronaldo has won many honors, but he has never won the World Cup. He said: “The World Cup is always a stage, but if you tell me, I will never win the championship in my career. Considering everything I have won,I will still be very happy. “

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  1. Messi seems to have never mentioned you, right?

  2. even a person will not go through the cake and grab the ball to barely score the goal to disguise his soft -footed shrimp Murong Luo He De and the Mei Ball King.

  3. It is more and more like Murong Fu …………………………………. Alpus Mountain [Haha] [Haha] [Haha]

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