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Cristiano Ronaldo: I don’t understand why Runi approves me because of jealousy

In an interview with Morgan, Ronaldo expressed dissatisfaction with his former teammate Runi because Rooney always criticized him.

Cristiano Ronaldo said: “I don’t understand, I don’t know why he (Rooney) criticized me so severely.”

“Maybe (because of jealousy). Maybe this is because he ended his career in his 30s. I am still playing a high level; I will not say that I look better than him, this is a fact.”

“People can have their own opinions, but they don’t know what happened in Kalinkon’s training ground, and even don’t even know my life. They should not listen to a point of view, and they should listen to my point of view, because when you don’tWhen you know the whole story, criticism is easy. “

“They are not my friends. Everyone is a colleague. We play the ball together, but we haven’t had a meal together.”

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  1. This emotional intelligence is simply

  2. Anyway, I know that the two people who are benchmarking are tossing hot searches every day and a honest play. I have never seen anything else in this summer. Yes, please love football. This is what is given to you now

  3. All erhu eggs

  4. Lunni: “On the thick face, Luo Chunqiu is indeed ascending to build the pole, unprecedented, the world is the first, it really makes the old husband jealous. || Hehe, jealous? Runi will be jealous of Luo Murong who scored 16 rounds and 1 goal? Roche Shelizi went to death

  5. Juvenile and old football genius Runi, Luni, is overwhelmed. He is the legend that he does not need to be jealous of any player

  6. Farewell yesterday, cherish today, welcome tomorrow. But CR7 thinks that it is always the brightest star …? [Yun Bei] [Yun Bei] [Yun Bei]

  7. This product is crazy. Now everyone bites

  8. Rooney was just a star. C Mei is the two greatest in 15 years. The first year of Mei could not play well in Paris in the first year, and the second year was only available

  9. Why can this rumin fans just take himself in each time others? Intersection Intelligence really matches the circle of three -year -old giant babies

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