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Cristiano Ronaldo answered a total of six questions. He wanted to create history with Juventus


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From the “Hala Madrid” in white, to the “Forza Juve” of the black and white shirt, Cristiano Ronaldo was officially opened in Juventus’s Serie A journey.

In the early morning of July 17, Beijing time, Juventus held a press conference for Cristiano Ronaldo. Accompanied by the team’s chairman Aneley and General Manager Marota, Ronaldo first appeared as a Juventus player for the first time, and answered questions from various reporters.

Talking for transfer: Thinking about the decision Juventus is the only quotation team

A week ago, Juventus officially announced that Ronaldo joined. The Serie A champion issued a transfer fee of up to 120 million euros to Real Madrid, and sent a four -year -old and 30 million euro contract for Ronaldo.

Talking about this transfer, Ronaldo said that this was a decision after careful consideration. “Juventus is one of the best clubs in the world. This transfer is a decision made after careful consideration. My friends and teammates say that it will be suitable for me. Considering the size and honor of the club, make such It’s not too difficult to decide. “

Cristiano Ronaldo also confirmed that Juventus is the only club this summer to issue a transfer invitation and quotation. He is also confident in his prospects of his zebra Legion. “I hope I can be a lucky symbol of Juventus. I am not here for vacation, I want to create history with Juventus.”

Talk about Lao Dong family: a beautiful journey but I like to challenge

In the nine seasons that played for Real Madrid, Ronaldo left a transcript of 438 games, 461 appearances, 131 assists, and 16 championships. For this time, Ronaldo intersects the same sense.

“Just like what I said before, in Real Madrid’s 9 years is a very beautiful journey. I am grateful to the fans who support me in my heart.” Ronaldo said, “But I am ready to start a new chapter in my career, I You must prove that you are still the omnipotent top player. Lying on the credit book on the credit book is not my style. I am willing to break out to accept new challenges. “

At the same time, Ronaldo said that he would train with the team from July 30, and his first show opponent was likely to be the old -fashioned Real Madrid. According to the summer warm -up schedule, Juventus will compete with the All -Star Team of the United States on August 1st, but the opportunity for Cristiano Ronaldo, who has just resumed training. Therefore, on August 4th, the game with Real Madrid will be the most likely to be the first show of the Portuguese.

Talk about age: I usually go to China or West Asia at this age. I am different from them.

At the age of 33, he switched to a new field, Cristiano Ronaldo was not afraid of challenges. His answer also made the Super League unfortunately “lying a gun”.

“For many players, this age is already late in career. Many people have gone to China, Qatar or other countries to play. I have no intention of offending others, but I have never thought so. Create history with Juventus. “Ronaldo said.

Talking about the “Enemy” teammates: It would be interesting to kill each other to kill each other

After coming to Juventus, Ronaldo will meet with former Real Madrid teammates such as Higuain and Hermi, and will encounter “enemies” who have fought at clubs and national teams like Bennetia.

For the new teammate, Ronaldo said: “I want to win more games with Higuain, everyone will fight for the team, and I will not be an exception. As for Bunnetia There have been some fights! I said without joking that he is a very good guard, and it will be interesting to fight with him as a teammate. “

Talking about the Golden Globe Award: “Buddha Department” is more willing to play well

Can the Serie A and Juventus help Ronaldo to get Golden Globe? Cristiano Ronaldo’s attitude is very “Buddhist”: “Of course I want to get the Golden Globe Award and become the best player in the world. However, this kind of thing can only follow it. Come to Juventus and change. I prefer to play a good performance to help the team get more honors, and other things will naturally come to a good way. “

Talk about Mero’s dispute: At the end of the story, it depends on who is the best

When it comes to the Golden Globe Award, it is natural to compete with Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo said: “I haven’t regarded any player as my own enemy, and this is not the motivation for my survival. Everyone is rendering me and Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei and Mei Mei Mei. The competitive relationship between the West, but everyone is just fighting for each other’s clubs, and I am no exception. “

Suddenly, Ronaldo’s talker turned: “At the end of the story, who is the best natural answer.”

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