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Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi sent Belly: rest in peace!King

On December 29, local time, Belly King Beli died of illness.Argentine star Messi took a group photo of himself and Bailey on social networking sites, and wrote: “Best, Bailey!”

Cristiano Ronaldo issued the picture of Beli awarded to himself and wrote: “I expressed the deepest condolences to the entire Brazil, especially to the family of Mr. Edson Antes-Naxono.Eternal ball Wang Belly said ‘goodbye’ is never enough to express the pain that shrouded the entire football world at this moment. He is the source of inspiration of countless people, it is a benchmark yesterday, today, and eternal benchmark.All the time shared was rewarded, even in the distance. He will never be forgotten. His memory will always exist in each of us football enthusiasts.

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  1. Can this be so smooth text?

  2. 7 penalty kick king 7 games?

  3. Donate King

  4. The current comment area is really the heaven of the spray 😂

  5. He needs to find a psychological counselor to adjust himself …

  6. Are you still a person?

  7. Cristiano Ronaldo is not a primary school graduation?

  8. “He always shows the feelings of me, and gets rewarded all the time we share, even in the distance.” At this time, at this timeI do n’t forget to bring myself …

  9. The ball king treats the ball king and treats equally; the non -ball king must use the admiration of the ball king, so there is no problem.

  10. This is also compared![Khan]

  11. My six -year university is not reading in vain [Digging nose]

  12. You are sure that this is written by Ronaldo himself

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