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Cresan World Polka Return to a goal of Taishan 1-2 Chengdu Rongcheng

At 19:30 on November 21st, Beijing time, the 26th round of the Super League, Chengdu Rongcheng faced Taishan, Shandong.

In the half-time stoppage time, Credan’s free kick broke the goal directly, and the 1-2 Chengdu Rongcheng in Shandong pulled back a ball!

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  1. Haha, playing you sour, 4 goals started

  2. Give giving gifts, can you send it vigorously, can you not start? I am afraid of finding your home in the theory of the theory, what should I do?

  3. !! First think about how to win the amateur team, really shameful, tragedy

  4. This year, he played two weird games this year. In the first round, Shenhua, then today, the use of people, formation, tactics, and on -the -spot command adjustment is a mess,

  5. You may be right

  6. There is a messy ball, no need to say anything, Hao Wei hurried away!

  7. This Guo Tianyu is obviously no state. Why do you start every time? Intersection Depend on! Intersection Intersection

  8. Hao Wei had a problem with his soldiers. In the first half, Guo Tianyu, Liu Yang, and Chen Pu were made in the frontcourt.

  9. Wang Dalei pays the bill

  10. Last time I said that Taishan will lose the loser in Rongcheng and the three towns

  11. Read thesis [Haha]

  12. I have said that Taishan Lian Rongcheng and the Three Town

  13. Even fans: Loans: Loan The fundraising must also be replaced by Hao Wei.

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