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Create 5 goals to create history and handsome: lying on the track and do my best to persuade Cavani for another year

Both Manchester United and Cavani both created history in the European League semi-finals on Thursday. The Red Devils defeated the Serie Angle Rome with a 6-2 score.

Manchester United won 6-2 in the first round of Old Trafford, which made Rome almost in a desperate situation before the Olympic Stadium next week.

Cavani and Bruno Fernandez scored two goals, respectively, and Paul Pogba and Mason Greenwood had two goals. This is the best record for the Red Devils in the European field for 57 years.

Manchester United became the first team to score 6 goals in the European semi -finals after Real Madrid, and they also achieved the same results at the European Champions Cup in 1964.

This is the first time that Manchester United has scored 6 goals in Europe since the 2007 Champions Cup defeated Rome 7-1. Now they can start to have won important championship trophies for the first time in four years.

Cavani’s performance in this game is perfect. The good scene of 2 passing and 2 shots was staged. A total of 38 balls were completed, 28 short passes were successful 25 times, 3 key passes, 7 shots 4 times 4 times Shooting and creating a penalty kick.

Increasing the number of goals in all 33 games to 12 goals, 34 -year -old and 74 -day, he also became the second -year player in the European semi -finals or finals.

In the 2004-05 season, Philip Kuku, at the age of 34 and 187, Eindhoven scored two goals in the Champions League semi-final against AC Milan.

The Red Devils must re -concentrate on Sunday’s Premier League on Sunday. They must win the game to continue the opportunity to catch up with the far -reaching Manchester City.

Soruskia’s players will go to Rome to participate in their second round of the European Cup four days later, and then start preparing for the match with Aston Vera on May 9.

The existing contract between the Uruguay Sagittarius and Manchester United is about to expire, and it is reported that he wants to join the Boka youth and return to South America to continue his career, but Solskia emphasized that he will work hard to persuade Cavani to continue Stay in Laoshide.

“I’m glad to have Cavani. You will find that he is so different. He is now making up for the time when he was absent from injury. Senate, he sent an assist to prove this. “

“Previously, he had been away from the field for 7 months because of injury, but now he has proved his value. He knows that I want him to stay for another year. I know that this is not easy for him, but I I have assured him that the old Traford Stadium and Manchester United fans are different. I am doing my best to convince Cavani and hope that I can persuade him to stay for another year tonight. “

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