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Continue to reduce staff!There are two more people infected with 5 people infected with 5 people infected

According to RMC Sports, the virus attacked the French team. After Rabio, in Pamecano, and Coman, Varane and Konat also infected the virus and had symptoms such as fever and cough.

Earlier, Rabio was absent from Morocco’s semi -finals, and Pamekano also sat on the bench.

It is reported that the virus infected by French players is “camel flu”, and “camel flu” is the common name of the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).Main media.

France’s back -line defense was originally talented, but Lucas exited due to injuries. Now Varane, Konat and Yu Pamecano are infected with viruses.There are only Saliba, Kong De and Disi in the position of central defender.

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  1. Haha, the Plum Ball King

  2. Ben Zima hurried back, and made a big attack, with attacking the defense

  3. Argentine Champions

  4. The champion is soaked

  5. Warane cannot play, it is really dangerous

  6. smoke bomb …

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