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Conte: You must solve the problem of defense, but there is no need to buy a central defender in winter

Tottenham’s thorns in the Premier League on Monday, fighting back in the case of 2 goals, tied Brent Ford 2-2.After the game, the main coach Conte said that it is necessary to solve the problem of often throwing the ball as soon as possible, but the team does not need to buy a new central defender in January.

Tottenham lost 9 consecutive games in a row, and this is the first time in Conte’s coaching career.He said: “For a team who wants to maintain a good position on the standings, stability is important. We often lose 1 goal or even 2 goals. We need to reflect on this and find a solution.”

Fortunately, Tottenham can finally draw or reverse opponents with opponents, including this game with strong firepower.

Conte said: “This is another exciting game. I must be happy because we play well in the second half, full of vitality, fighting spirit, and strength. When you play this way, you can create a threat more.”

Tottenham’s defense has not improved, and a mistake in the middle guard Dell caused the team to lose the ball.Conte was asked if he needed to introduce players in January to strengthen the line of defense. He said: “We are good to we now, but we need to continue to work hard. Roger will soon restore training. On the other hand, I was a little disappointed with failed to win, because we scored a lot of goals and created a lot of opportunities. “

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