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Comparison of Chinese and Korean first -line chess players 10 to 10 China has obviously dominant

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The reporter Xie Rui reported that at the beginning of the new year, the Korean Chess Academy announced the latest level of levels. Compared with the top ten levels of the Chinese level, all the answers were clear at a glance.

The list of top ten in South Korea is: Shen Zhenyu, Xiang Xiangyi, Park Tingyi, Jiang Dongrun, Li Dongxun, Shen Yan, Park Jianhao, Yuan Shengzhang, An Chengjun, Jinming.The top ten levels in China are: Ke Jie, Li Xuanhao, Yang Dingxin, Fan Tingyu, Ding Hao, Gu Zihao, Yu Yuting, Sheerhao, Li Qincheng, Li Weiqing.

First of all, from the perspective of the record, among the top ten South Korea, there are five world champions, namely the five -crowned king Park Tingyu, the four crowned kings Shen Zhenzhen, the two crowned kings Jiang Dongrun, a crown group Yuan Shengzheng and Shen Yan, a total of 13 won 13World Champions; Six of the top ten in China, the world championship, in turn is Eight Champion Ke Jie, Two Champions Yubing Ting, and a crown group Yang Dingxin, Fan Tingyu, Gu Zihao, Sheerhao, a total of 14 championships.Regardless of the number of winners or the number of winning championships, China has a slight advantage.

The number of Chinese chess players is leading, and Ke Jie’s eight -crowns have been improving, but since 2021, Ke Jie’s world crowns have not been updated.In the championship momentum, China is already backward, and Shen Zhen’s front line advantage is too prominent.

Compared with the age level, the top ten of China still occupy the post -95s, with a total of 8. The other two are post -00s. The overall age structure is young and the potential is not small.Li Xuanhao, the oldest in the top ten, is under 28 years old, and the youngest Ding Hao is less than 23 years old, with an average age of 25; the oldest in the top ten in South Korea is 38 years old, the youngest is 23 years old, with an average age of 28age.

The distribution of all ages of the top ten in South Korea: post -80s (Yuan Shengzheng, Jiang Dongrun), post -90s (Park Tingyu, An Chengjun), five post -95s (Xiang Xiangyi, Li Dongxun, Shen Yan, Park Jianhao Hao, Jin Ming training); after 00, one person.From the post -80s to the post -00s, all ages of all ages are available, but the oldest Yuan Shengzhang is close to 40 years old, and its self -management is quite successful. However, its professional peak period will obviously not last long.From another perspective, the metabolism in the Korean chess industry is slow.

Guo Zihao (Long Xing Zhan), Yu Yuting (Tianyuan, Celebrities, Weifu Fangki), Li Qincheng (Ahan Tongshan Cup); the top ten in South Korea’s reign: Shen Zhenyu (the strongest chess war, the strongest chess,GS Gardis, Dragon Star War), Park Tingyu (Mai Xin Cup, Achyranthes Bills and Phoenix Cup), Jiang Dongrun (YK Construction Cup), and Shen Yan (celebrity).

The top ten champions in China are more distributed, which also means that the front -line chess players are thicker.If China and South Korea are slightly excellent in South Korea; 5 to 5, they will not be able to win and defeat; 10 to 10 must be China.

If the comparison face is expanded to the top 20, China’s advantage is even more prominent.In the 11th to 20th place, China has won the world championship sometimes, Jiang Weijie, Jian Jiayi, Dang Yifei, and Chen Yaoxun, while South Korea has only Kim Zhixi, such as Park Hehuan, Hong Xingzhi, Han Shengzhou, Park Minkui,Park Zhongxun and Park Jin have never even entered the quarterfinals.

Taken together, the top Chinese chess player is superior and older. The biggest advantage of South Korea is that it has a super 00 post -troop leader.However, objectively, after the top level of China and South Korea is still thin, the overall youth and youth are not optimistic.

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