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Coman: I have no disrespect for the fourth referee. He does not respect me

Ronald Coman insisted that in the game lost to Granada in Barcelona, ​​the fourth official was “disrespectful” by him, and he was confused about being presented.

On Thursday night, Barcelona lost to Granada 1-2 on the Camp Nou, and missed the opportunity to reach La Liga.

In the first half, Griezmann assisted Messi to score the goal, but in the second half, Darwin Makis and George Molina chased two goals for the guest team. In the end, Granada maintained this score to the end of the game. Essence

In the 66th minute of this game, Coman was suspected to be shown a red card by the referee Berllo Gonzalez for loud protest against the referee, and had to watch the rest of the game on the stands.

Makis equalized the score for Granada with a calm shot in the 63rd minute. After Girizman’s free kick was surrounded, Makis began to attack from the backcourt of his own half.

After the opponent scored the goal, Coman began to protest against the fourth official. After negotiating with his colleagues through the headset, Gonzalez ran to the Dutch from the other side of the stadium and presented it to him.

Cormana argued that he was innocent and accused fourth officials of the role played by officials in the incident.

“I don’t understand at all. I didn’t say anything, and I didn’t insult him. I did communicate with the fourth referee, but he did not respect me.” Barcelona coach said at the press conference after the game. Essence

“I don’t have any mistakes, because according to the referee report, I have no respect for the fourth referee’s remarks, but for me, this is not the case. Lack of respect is an insult.”

“I have never said something embarrassed, and there is no at all. If they want to put things I haven’t said in, I have to do something. I don’t understand what it means.”

When asked about the recent performance of the team, Koman added: “We have to accept today’s defeat. This is really difficult, because tonight is a good opportunity to win.”

“This defeat was mainly due to the inadequate concentration and strictness of the back -defense, and the opponent scored two goals by using it.”

“This is a very disappointing result. This is a very unacceptable failure, but we can still control our destiny because we still have five games to play.”

After experiencing the sixth defeat in the 2020-21 season, Barcelona temporarily ranked third in the top league in Spain, behind Real Madrid, which lags behind the same score but recorded better.

Atletico Madrid still topped the list with a 2 -point advantage in the remaining five games, and they will be played directly against Barcelona on May 8th.

Coman admits that after accidentally losing to Granada, his players were frustrated in the locker room, but he also emphasized the importance of returning to the right track as soon as possible in the match against Valencia this Sunday.

“After the game, I talked with a few players. They are really disappointed. Winning again will be very important, because Sunday games are important for us to win the championship.”

“We must learn from the error. We must devote all energy, improve the status quo, and continue.”

“There are still many problems, and the level we show on the court must be very high.”

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