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Cole: Vekin’s rehabilitation ratio is expected to have no return time.

On December 26th, Beijing time, according to relevant media reports, before the Golden State Warriors played with the Memphis Grizzlies, the head coach Steve Cole talked about Andrew Vekins’ injuries in an interview.It means that Vegins also needs to rest for a while to recover.

At the beginning of December, Vekins encountered an internal muscle injury. At that time, the injury report given by the team was at least two games.But nine games were absent, and Virgins still did not return exactly.

In an interview, Kill said that Vekins’ injury was more serious than we had previous expectations. I just hope he can return to the team as soon as possible, but the team does not have an exact return time about Vegins.In response to such injuries, the Warriors were careful about Vekins’ injuries, and the situation could not become worse because of eagerness to come back.

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