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Cole: Curry has no strict time limit and will not bear too many tasks

On January 11, Beijing time, the Golden State Warriors will face the Phoenix Sun at home today. In this game, Stephen Curry determined to come back. In an interview, the head coach Steve Cole said that Curry will not bear the game in this game.Too many tasks.

After Curry’s 11 consecutive games in a consecutive game, Curry finally returned today. Before the game, the team confirmed that Curry would play as the starting.When Corch was asked about Curry’s question, he said that Curry will not be restricted by strict appearances in this game.

“Curry has no hard time to play today, but considering that this is his first game in recent weeks, he will not take too many tasks.” Cole said.

Since December 6, the Warriors returned to the conventional startup for the first time. In this game, Krey Thompson, Curry and Andrew Virgins will all play.

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