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Close -up: Big Chess Sai Ko Jie is so hard to see the youth style

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The reporter Xie Rui reported that the semi -finals of the big chess player began to move to Shenzhen Baoan. The opponent of Ke Jie’s nine sections in the quarterfinals was Yang Kaiwen’s nine paragraphs. If this is before the Samsung Cup and LG Cup, I believe no one will have any doubts about Ke Jie’s promotion.

However, in the Samsung Cup and LG Cup match since the end of October, Ke Jie’s first battle was blocked in the two Korean chess veterans of Park Tingzhang Jiu Duan and Jiang Dongrun Jiuzuan, which had a great blow to his confidence. In fact, in the first two rounds of this big chess game, Ke Jie had weakened its dominance in the game. Although the two Liao Yuanhe sections and Yi Lingtao were promoted to the quarterfinals after the two Liao Yuanhe sections of the 00s, they won hard work. Although these two post -00s are also chess players in the top level, Ke Jie has been so difficult for them, and the weakness of dominance is an indisputable fact.

When the bureau was in the middle of the game, Ke Jie’s winning rate rose to more than 90%. Yang Kaiwen had to compete for the victory in the middle of the middle, but in this situation, this was a last resort. According to the changing map of super AI unique arts, Black has to lock the advantage to the end, which is not difficult for masters such as Ke Jie.

However, Ke Jie’s biggest problem is not from the chessboard, but the chess clock. When Black was dispatched in the appearance of the middle -abdomen white chess, in the transfer of loneliness and attack, Ke Jie entered a lot of use, and entered the counters 50 minutes in advance than Yang Kaiwen, which was extremely rare. This is not the case. Since then, Ke Jie simply uses another 1 minute of courses to force himself to perform an unfinished chess game in the last 1 minute of lessons.

The complex chess game in the last minute of the courses is in itself an uncontrollable actions that are almost adventurous. If the strength of the two sides is very different, the one -minute reference for one minute is sufficient, but when the strength of the two parties is equivalent and the victory is tight, prematurely, prematurely Entering the last 1 minute of lessons is undoubtedly a dangerous move to set yourself on the stove.

Of course, if this two or three years ago, Ke Jie, let alone 1 minute of courses, is to easily control the game on the Internet for 15 seconds. When he debuted, he was known for his “stirring king”. In the speed of life and death in the second half, he was able to recruit quickly and sharply.

Three years ago, when a large -scale competition was held in the lobby of the second floor of the Chinese Chess Academy, Ke Jie’s iconic movement was to walk through the player in the player. Essence This is also the normal state of the Guli competition that year. At that time, they often said, “I don’t know what they are thinking? It takes such a long time.”

Whether it was the last one -minute coupling early or in the process of unable to hold his hair, Ke Jie’s moves were clearly exposed to show his care about this game of chess and poured all his heart. However, the continuous defeat and crackdown made him difficult to weightlifting. Under the nervousness, the move was lost, and the final “one digging” reversal method failed to find it.

In the past two games, Ke Jie’s winning percentage of the first half was as high as 90%. The LG Cup’s winning percentage of the game of Jiang Dongrun was almost 100%, but Ke Jie failed to win, and the tiger returned to the mountain. On the surface, the decline in the power of the control bureau was exposed. In fact, after the self -confidence declined, the judgment of the situation was too pessimistic, so I lost my tricks.

At the dark moment, the most precious thing is a beam of light. Walking on the dark tunnel, the most desire is a lamp. When everyone has a lonely lane, this moment, what Ke Jie can do is to maintain the hardships and wait for the arrival of the beam of light, maybe just a winning chess.

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  7. Ke Ji has been abolished. He has now disappointed his talent, and he should dominate for seven or eight years according to his talent.

  8. Yang Dingxin lost the level of level division.

  9. I said good, I said the words of chess fans

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  11. Male Ke Jie, female Chang Ning!

  12. We ushered in the end of their careers!

  13. is already a second -rate chess player

  14. This mirror is good, how do you look at yourself first

  15. and the face level first?

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