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Chinese women’s volleyball team, Jin Yan, stayed abroad to join the Jakarta Bin Club for the first time

On January 2, Beijing time, the Bin volleyball club in Jakarta, Indonesia, officially announced that the Chinese women’s volleyball team Jin Yan joined.This time, the Indonesian league is also the first time that Jin Yan has stayed abroad in his career.

The 26 -year -old Jin Yan is 1.87 meters tall and has the main attack. He has won the best response in the 2017 Asian Championships.After the Paris cycle Cai Bin served as the head coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, he had a heavy responsibility for Jin Yan.This year, when Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning were absent due to injuries, Jin Yan once became the main attack of the team.Unfortunately, her performance in the National League and World Championships is not ideal, and the main position is gradually replaced by Wang Yunzheng.

As an important member of the Beijing Automobile Women’s Volleyball Team, Jin Yan helped the team to win the championship in the 2018-2019 season of the Super League.After Serbia’s main attack Laovich this season, the two countries in Beijing, Jin Yan and Wang Yunzheng, pushed a position in the main attack line to help the team return to the top 8.

It is reported that Chen Peiyan, who is currently playing with another country in the Chinese women’s volleyball team and now played for Jiangmen Hua Thai, Guangdong, will also join the Jakarta Bin volleyball club, waiting for official announcement.

Chinese players joined in the Indonesian league. Wang Yimei, Zhang Lei, Li Jing, Ren Kaiyi, Liu Mengya and others all joined the Indonesian club.(Caucasus)

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  1. Do not be reused in China -to be exact: bad play, “staying abroad” is a good choice. One is to make money, and the other is gold plating.It is not too late to return to the country when you are practicing!The key point is to have a “patriotic heart”!

  2. If you do n’t understand, ask if you do n’t understand, do you say that you do n’t go to the competition and count the deserter? [Haha] [Haha] [Haha]

  3. Blessing Jin Yan, Shu Fen said that the deserter said that he could not compare with you.

  4. I wish Jin Yan go out to play smoothly and progress!

  5. Jin Yan, come on!Being able to go abroad is worthy of congratulations!

  6. I asked you a few times, 醸 [grievance]

  7. Li Yingying should go out, go out for further tempering, can also increase income, which is better to encourage younger players to work harder.

  8. With the hard power of Li Yingying, any giants in the world will extend an olive branch.

  9. The Southeast Asian Club is a large number of national team players. At the peak of Wang Yimei, Wang Yimei did not go out.

  10. Congratulations to Jin Yan, do n’t play where you play, just be happy!

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