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Chinese women’s top ten world rankings rising and falling analysis Lin Xizhen has the largest increase

On January 6, Beijing time, after a year of competition, whether it was the US tour or the Japanese tour, most of the top ten women’s players are currently rising.

Let’s take a look at their specific situation in 2022:


Lin Xizhen: +42 -bit | rose from 57 to 15, (+73.68%)

Yin Ruoning: +254 -bit | rose from 405 to 151, (+62.72%)

Shi Yuting: +158 -from 308 bits to 150 bits, (+51.30%)

Yin Xiaowen: +152 -from 412 to 260 bits, (+36.89%)

Lu Wanyao: +69 -from 193 to 124 -bit, (+35.75%)

Zeng Liqi: +114 -from 388 -bit to 274 -bit, (+29.38%)

Liu Yan: +91 digits | increased from 420 to 329 bits, (+21.67%)

He Mu Ni: +6 -bit | increased from 248 bits to 242 bits, (+2.42%)

Liu Ruixin: +2 -bit | rose from 245 to 243 bits, (+0.82%)


Liu Yu: -66-from 96-bit to 162-bit, (-68.75%)

From the above specific data, we can see that 7 of the 10 players have increased very obvious, of which the biggest progress is Lin Xizhen.She ranked among the top 15 a year ago, an increase of 73.68%.In the new year, Lin Xizhen also did to win the championship.

Yin Ruoning’s progress was not easy, because her battlefield was changed from a tour to the US tour.And she quickly made a breakthrough, ensuring the participation card of the next season, and her world ranking rose 254, an increase of 62.72%.

Shi Yuting finally made a breakthrough in Japan for six years in Japan, and achieved the first tour of Japan.This is obviously not luck.Her overall performance has improved, and she entered the top 50 points for the first time, becoming the seed player of the next season.The world ranking reflects this.She rose 158 -bit and increased by 51.30%.

He Muci and Liu Ruixin played in the LPGA tour, and the world rankings have not changed.Liu Yu is among the top ten, the only player who fell, a decrease of 66, a decrease of 68.75%, but she kept the LPGA entry card and had the opportunity to rebound next year.

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