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Chinese women’s football team, Li Ying: Portugal lost to South Korea, I really want to be angry

In the last round of the World Cup group stage, South Korea reversed 2-1 and defeated Portugal. After the Chinese women’s football team, the Chinese women’s football team talked about their feelings on personal Weibo.

Li Ying wrote in his personal social media: “It is said that everything is possible in 90 minutes. After all, football is round, and no one knows how many goals can score in 90 minutes.The charm is located. Looking at Su Ya’s crying is really broken, it is distressed when watching Cavani desperately running. I don’t just love Ronaldo, I also pay tribute to these two gods. “

“Sun Xingzheng is the light of Asia. He can’t deny his strength and efforts, but his tears really make me angry. Spain lost to Japan. I am not angry.To be angry. The least sports morality is the most dirty. You are not glorious every time you win. “

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    LionDesertSmokestraight 12月 4, 2022 at 3:01 上午

    Say this in football?Pretend

  2. During World War II, Japanese devils were more desperate than them. Do you admire it too?Many people hate “villain to have ambitions”, and the dirty history of Korean football is disgusting. Not to mention the 2002 World Cup through malicious fouls and the help of referees to win several goals.The championship is not a trophy but a rampant trophy. It is a major insult to China. Although the strength of the national football team is not as good as them (last 1: 0), we will not support him.

  3. The scum is aspirational, the dirty history of Korean football makes players hate

  4. It is estimated that it is not light.

  5. You have a chicken hair. If people do not give up, they deserve to respect the brainlessness.

  6. The brain is broken.

  7. Since Li Ying is so distressed that Su Ya and Cavani can use her broad mind to soothe them

  8. Brainwat!Say this.

  9. No culture

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    MingMeiLiketheislandoutsidethelight 12月 4, 2022 at 3:01 上午

    Logic chaos, what do this person want to say?

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    GumeiHanCliffYichunhui 12月 4, 2022 at 3:01 上午

    Li Ying is a problem with the brain

  12. The fans of football TV broadcast, thinking that football competition is chasing stars, and the charm of competition is that the result is not predictable, not the star forever.

  13. How can Li Ying play a good football?

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